February 5-13, 1805
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February 5-13, 1805


Tuesday 5th. We proceeded on to some Indian camps [1] and there we killed three deer. The next day we went on to more Indian camps [2] and killed some deer. On the 7th we encamped in a bottom on the south side of the Missouri, [3] and the next day turned out to hunt. We killed 10 elk and 18 deer, and remained there all night. On the 9th we built a pen, [4] to secure our meat from the wolves, which are very numerous here; and in the evening went further down and encamped. [5] The next morning we set out on our return towards the fort; and killed some elk and deer in our way. On the 12th we arrived at the fort; and found that one of our interpreter's wives had in our absence made an addition to our number. [6] On the 13th we had three horses shod to bring home our meat.

1. Probably one of the abandoned earthlodge villages below Mandan Island. (back)
2. Near the mouth of Square Butte Creek (Clark's Hunting Creek), Oliver County, North Dakota, a little below the Morton County line. (back)
3. Gass seems to indicate that they moved camp this day, but Clark seems to say that they remained in the camp near Square Butte Creek. Neither gives any details. (back)
4. Clark seems to indicate that they built the pen on February 8. Gass also appears to leave out a day in his reckoning on the return trip to the fort. He may have written a sketchy summary in his journal from memory after returning to Fort Mandan, and McKeehan may have confused matters further in his version. (back)
5. The camp of February 9 was apparently in one of the abandoned villages between Heart River and Fort Mandan. (back)