February 6-12, 1805
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February 6-12, 1805


Wednesday February 6th    This day was clear & pleasant Weather, nothing material happen'd at the Fort.—    Captain Clark and his Men, proceeded still on [1] hunting & kill'd 7 more Deer, on the 7th Instant Captain Clark and his party halted in a large bottom, [2] lying on the South side of the River, the hunters went out, and killed 10 Elk and 18 deer at that place, they were then 40 Miles distant from the Fort, as near as they could reckon.—    They there built a pen, to preserve their Meat in from the Wolves; & other Animals.—    The Wolves at that place were very numerous and Ravenous.—    Captain Clark then proceeded a small distance further down the River, and encamped.— [3]    On Saturday the 9th instant Captain Clark returned towards the Fort, [4] the hunters kill'd some Elk and deer on the Route that day, Captain Clark, and his party proceeded on their Route to the Fort the 10th & 11th instant [5] and on the 12th instant they came to us all being well.—    nothing material happen'd at the Fort from the 7th instant to this 12th Instant worth mentioning

1. They camped near the mouth of Square Butte Creek (Clark's Hunting Creek), Oliver County, North Dakota, a little below the Morton County line. (back)
2. Clark seems to indicate that they stayed in camp at Square Butte Creek this day, Gass seems to say they moved, and Whitehouse is ambiguous, although the phrasing would be more consistent with a move. (back)
3. Clark's account makes it clear that on February 8 they moved a few miles downriver, built the pen, then moved down and camped opposite the mouth of Heart River, in or near present Bismarck, Burleigh County, North Dakota. See Clark's entry of February 13, 1805. (back)
4. The hunting party apparently camped at one of the old earthlodge villages between Fort Mandan and Heart River. Clark says they were about forty miles below the fort. (back)
5. On February 11 they seem to have camped at one of the abandoned villages below Mandan Island, McLean County. (back)