February 9, 1805
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February 9, 1805


The morning fair and pleasent, wind from S. E.—    visted by Mr. McKinzey one the N. W. Company's clerks.    this evening a man by the name of Howard whom I had given permission to go the Mandane vilage returned after the gate was shut and rether than call to the guard to have it opened scaled the works    an indian who was looking on shortly after followed his example. I 〈told〉 convinced the Indian of the impropryety of his conduct, and explained to him the riske he had run of being severely treated, the fellow appeared much allarmed, I gave him a small piece of tobacco and sent him away    Howard I had comitted to the care of the guard with a determineation to have him tryed by a Courtmartial for this offence. this man is an old soldier which still hightens this offince— [1] 〈visited to〉


Saturday 9th Feby. 1805. Some cloudy, the water which run over the Ice in the River has froze Smoth.    the Squaws from the 1st village are cutting their lodge timber on the opposite Side of the River from the Fort, So as to hale it up to the village on the Ice.—

1. Ordway records that Howard was tried the next day (February 10) for "Setting Such a pernicious example to the Savages." If any hostility developed with the local Indians, the knowledge that the walls were so easily scaled would be dangerous. Howard was found guilty and sentenced to fifty lashes, but the court recommended mercy and Lewis forgave him the punishment. For some reason the trial was not recorded in detachment orders. As far as the record goes, this was the last serious disciplinary problem of the expedition, or at least the last meriting trial by court-martial. (back)