February 10, 1805
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February 10, 1805


This Morning was Cloudy after a slight snow which fell in the course of the night    the wind blue very hard from N. W.    altho' the thermometer stood at 18° Above naught the violence of the wind caused a degree of could that was much more unpleasent than that of yesterday when thermometer stood at 10° only above the same point. Mr. McKinzey left me this morning. Charbono returned with one of the Frenchmen and informed that he had left the three Horses and two men with the meat which Capt. Clark had sent at some distance below on the river—    he told me that the horses were heavy loaded and that not being shod it was impossible for horses to travel on the ice. I determined to send down some men with two small slays for the meat and accordingly I gave orders that they should set out early the next morning.    two men were also sent to conduct the horses by way of the plain.


Sunday 10th Feby. 1805.    high wind from N. W. Squawlly flights of Snow.    an Instance happned last evening a little Singular    one of our men returning from the Mandans village 2 or 3 young Indians followed him    the Gate being Shut in Stead of calling to the Guard he went round back of the Fort and Scaled over.    one of the Indians followed him over. Capt. Lewis ordered the Indian away after Giving him a Scolding at the Same time telling him that he was not So much to blame as the white man Setting the example, & Gave him a piece of tobacco & Started him & confined the man for Setting Such a pernicious example to the Savages.    to day at 12 oClock he was tried by a court martial. [1]    towards evening Mr Sharboner a frenchman who had been with the hunting party returned to the Fort and Informed us that he left 3 horses loaded with meat about 8 mls. down the River.    the Ice being Smoth the horses could not Go on Ice with out Shoes.    he Informed us also that the hunting party had killed 13 Elk 33 Deer & 3 buffaloe, one of the hunters killed 2 deer at one Shot,    at Sunset the proceedings of The court martial came out the prisoner was Sentenced 50 lashes & laid to the mercy of the commanding officer who was pleased to forgive him the punishment awarded by the court.—

1. Ordway provides the most detail on the proceedings of Thomas P. Howard's courtmartial. The trial was not recorded in the Orderly Book. This was the last serious disciplinary problem of the expedition, or at least the last to merit any notice. (back)