February 17, 1805
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February 17, 1805


this morning worm & a little Cloudy, the Coal & his Son visited me to day with about 30 w. of Drid Buffalow meat, & Some Tallow    Mr. McKinsey one of the N W. Compys. Clerks visited me (one of the hoses the Sous robed a fiew Days past belonged to this man)    The after part of the day fair,


Sunday 17th Feby. 1805.    all hands able to walk went out to hunt in different directions.    aiming to drive the Game in to the bottom of wood as much as possable So that the best hunters who was in the bottom might kill them.    they all returned in the evening had killed 10 deer and 4 Elk.    packed Some of them in    hung up the remainder on trees so as to keep the wolves from it.


Sunday February 17th    The weather continued Clear & moderate, Captain Clarke sent out the hunters from the fort hunting, they met with great success, killing a great quantity of Elk and deer, they continued hunting and on the 18th instant they had as much meat as loaded two Sleds, One of which was drawn by 16 Men, and the other by the horse which the Savages, had return'd to one of our Men, when they robbed them.—    They brought the Sleds loaded with the Meat up the River on the Ice, it still being froze over the Mesouri, & the Ice very thick & strong.—