March 1, 1805
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March 1, 1805


a fine Day    I am ingaged in Copying a map, men building perogus, makeing Ropes, Burning Coal, Hanging up meat & makeing battle axes for Corn


Friday 1st March 1805.    cloudy & warm this morning.    the perogue men got their axes repaired and drew two days provisions and went up to camp out near their work untill they Git it done or Git the 4 perogues completed.

Friday 1st March 1805. [1]    cloudy & warm this morning.    the work hands got their axes repaired and drew 2 days provisions and went up to camp by their work untill they have the 4 perogues completed.    the after part of the day clear and pleasant.—


Friday 1st March, 1805. The same party encamped out to make the canoes, and continued until six were made.

On the 20th and 21st we carried them to the river about a mile and an half distant: There I remained with two men to finish them, and to take care of them, until the 26th, when some men came up from the fort, and we put the canoes into the water. As the river had risen there was some water between the ice and the shore. We got three of them safe to the fort; but the ice breaking before the other three were got down, so filled the channel, that we were obliged to carry them the rest of the way by land. On the 27th we put one of the canoes into the water to ascertain what weight they would carry. We found they would not carry as much as was expected, and Captain Lewis agreed to take a large periogue along. The remainder of the month we were employed in preparing our craft for a renewal of our voyage.


Friday March 1st    The men employed to build the Pettyaugers, continued their work    the Natives still continue to bring in Corn for work they want done, which is chiefly getting their Guns repaired by our Blacksmiths    the weather continued Clear & Cold—

1. Ordway here begins a second entry for the day on a new page of his journal. He left part of the preceding page blank following his first entry for the day, then follows a blank page and the stubs of two pages cut off. At the top of the new page are the words, "A journal continued from page (145)." (back)