April 19, 1805
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April 19, 1805


The wind blew So hard this morning from N. W. that we dared not to venture our canoes on the river.—    Observed considerable quantities of dwarf Juniper on the hill sides (see specimen No. 4)    it seldom rises higher then 3 feet.—    the wind detained us through the couse of this day, tho' we were fortunate in having placed ourselves in a safe harbour.    the party killed one Elk and a beaver today. The beaver of this part of the Missouri are larger, fatter, more abundant and better clad with fur than those of any other part of the country that I have yet seen; I have remarked also that their fur is much darker.—


a blustering windey day    the wind So hard from the N, W. that we were fearfull of ventering our Canoes in the river, lay be all day on the S. Side in a good harber, the Praries appear to green, the cotton trees bigin to leave, Saw some plumb bushes in full bloom, those were the plumb bushes which I have Seen for Some time. Killed an Elk an a Beaver to day—    The beaver of this river is much larger than usial, Great deal of Sign of the large Bear,—


Friday 19th April 1805. Cloudy.    the wind blew high from the Northward    So that we were obledged to lay at our last nights harbour all day.    caught one large beaver last night    the hunters killed one Elk and three Geese & Robed Several of their nests of their Eggs. Some of the men caught a quantity of Small cat fish in the river    the evening clear blustry & cold. Winds.—


Friday 19th.    A cloudy morning, with high wind. We did not set out until the next day. While we lay here, I went out to the hills, which I found very high, much washed by the rain, and without grass. I saw a part of a log quite petrified, and of which good whetstones—or hones could be made.— I also saw where a hill had been on fire, and pumice stone around it. There is a great quanitity of hysop [1] in the vallies. We killed an elk and some wild geese, and caught some beaver.


Friday April 19th    This morning we had the Weather dark and Cloudy.—    the Wind blowing hard from the North    the Water still at a stand, we remained here this day, the wind blowing so hard that we could make no head way.—

1. Some type of sagebrush, Artemisia sp. (back)