September 28, 1805
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September 28, 1805


Septr. 28th Friday Several men Sick    all at work which is able, nothing killed to day. Drewyer Sick    maney Indians visit us    worm day


Our men nearly all Complaining of ther bowels, a heaviness at the Stomach & Lax, Some of those taken first getting better, a number of Indians about us gazeing &c. &c. This day proved verry worm and Sultery, nothing killed    men complaining of their diat of fish & roots.    all that is able working at the Canoes, Several Indians leave us to day, the raft continue on down the river, one old man informed us that he had been to the White peoples fort at the falls & got white beeds &c    his Story was not beleved as he Could explain nothing.—


Saturday 28th Sept. 1805.    a clear morning.    two men went out a hunting.    all the party that were able to work went at makeing the canoes and oars.    the natives visit us and catch Some fresh Sammon which we purchase from them    we fixed Some gig poles &C.—


Saturday 28th.    We had a pleasant morning and all hands, that were able, employed at the canoes.— Game is very scarce, and our hunters unable to kill any meat. We are therefore obliged to live on fish and roots, that we procure from the natives; and which do not appear a suitable diet for us. Salt also is scarce without which fish is but poor and insipid. Our hunters killed nothing to day.


Saturday 28th Sept. 1805.    a fair morning.    2 men went out to hunt.    all that were able went at work makeing the canoes & oars.    the natives visit us.    they catch a fiew fresh Sammon which we purchase from them.    we fixed Some gigs on poles in order to gig Some ourselves.    Several of the party are unwell and all takeing medicine

Saturday Septemr 28th    This morning we had clear pleasant weather, 2 of our party set out to hunt, & the remainder that were well, were employed in making the Canoes & Oars.    The Natives visited us, & brought some Salmon with them, which we purchased.—    We fixed some Gigs on poles, in order to gig some Salmon Ourselves, Several of our Men that were sick took Medicine, in order to recover their healths & 〈are〉 were made as Comfortable as possible.—