September 29, 1805
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September 29, 1805


Drewyer kills 2 deer    Collins 1 der    men Conte Sickly    at work all able to work.


a Cool morning wind from the S. W.    men Sick as usial, all The men that are able to at work, at the Canoes    Drewyer killed 2 Deer Colter killed 1 Deer, the after part of this day worm    Cap Lewis very Sick, and most of the men complaning very much of ther bowels & Stomach


Sunday 29th Sept. 1805.    a fair morning.    2 men [1] went out a hunting.    all hands employed at the canoes as usal.    the Indians caught and Sold us Several Sammon, &C—


Sunday 29th.    A fine day; all our hunters went out, and all the men able to work, were employed at the Canoes. At noon two of our hunters came in with 3 deer; a very welcome sight to the most of us. Five or six of the men continue unwell.


Sunday 29th Sept. 1805.    a fair morning.    all hands who were able to work are employed at the Canoes.    only two who went out to hunt.    about noon the hunters Came to Camp with three Deer, which they had killed.    the natives caught a nomber of Sammon which they Sold to us.

Sunday Septemr 29th    A pleasant Morning, all our Men that were able to work, were employed at making the Canoes, Two of our hunters were sent out hunting, About noon the hunters returned to our Camp, with 3 Deer which they had killed.    The Natives also brought to us, a number of Salmon, which we purchased of them for some trifling Articles.—

1. Drouillard and either Collins or Colter, according to Clark. (back)