Weather, October 1805
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Weather, October 1805

Day of
the month

State of
the Weather
[October] 1st E f
2d N f
3rd E f
4th E f
5th E f
6th E f
7th E f
8th E f
9th S W c
10th N W f
11th E & S W c
12th E & S W f
13th S W. f. a. r
14th S. W. f
15th S W f
16th S W f
17th S E f
18th S E f
19th S E f
20th S W f
21st S W f
22nd S W f
23rd S W f
24th W f
25th W f
26th W. f
27th W. f
28th N W. r a f
29th W. f. a. r
30th S E. r. a r
31st S W f. a r

Note from the 1st to 7th of October we were at the mouth of Chopunnuish river makeing Canoes to Decend the Kooskooske.

Note from the 7th to the 16th octr. we were decending Kooskooske & Lewises river, the 17th 18 at the mouth of Lewis River.

Note from the 18th to the 22d of octr. descending the Great Columbia to the falls.

Note from the 22d to the 29th about the Great Falls of the Columbia river.

note from the 29th of Octr. to the 3d of Novr. in passing through the western mountains below falls.

Note the balance of Novr. and December between the Mountains & Pacific Ocean.

[Remarks] [2]
October   3d The easterly winds which blow imediately off the moun-
tains are very cool untill 10 a m. when the day becomes
verry worm and the winds Shift about [3]
13th rained moderately from 4 to 11 a M. to day.
28th a Violent wind    a moderate rain commenced at 4 oClock
P. M. and continued untill 8 P. M.
29th rained moderately all day. Saw the first large Buzzard or
Voultur of the Columbia. [4]
30th rained moderately all day.    arrived at the Grand rapids.
Saw a different Species of ash [5]
31st Some rain last night and this morning.
1. Lewis has no weather data for this month. Clark wrote a combined weather table for October, November, and December in Codex I, which we have separated by month. In the margin of the combined table were notes on their travels and weather remarks which we have placed after the October table. (back)
2. Clark's remarks are in Codex I and Voorhis No. 4; the former is followed here. (back)
3. In Vorrhis No. 4 substantially the same remark appears under October 8. (back)
4. In Voorhis No. 4 Clark writes, "first Vulture of the Columbia Seen to day," under October 28. This is the California condor. For October 29 he says, "I shot at a vulture"; the daily journals date the shooting of the first condor on October 30. (back)
5. In Voorhis No. 4 Clark here adds "to any I have ever seen." (back)