Weather, November 1805
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Weather, November 1805

Day of
the month

State of
the Weather
1st N. E f.
2nd S W. f.
3rd N. E. f a fog
4th W. c. a. r
5th S W. r. c. r
6th S W. r. a. r
7th S W. r. a. fog [2]
8th S W. f. a. r.
9th S r
10th N W. r. a. r
11th S W. r
12th S. W. h. r. T & L.
13th S W. r
14th r
15th S E f. a. r
16th W. S. W. f
17th E c. a. f
18th S. E f. a. c
19th S E c. a. r
20th S E f. a. r.
21st S E c. a. r
22nd S S E r
23rd S W. c. a. r.
24th W f a r
25th E S E C a r
26th E N E r
27th S W r
28th S W. & N W. r
29th S W. r
30th S W. f a r. & H
[Remarks] [3]
3rd a thick fog which continud untill meridian    cleared off and was
fair the remainder of the day. [4]
5th Commenced raining at 2 P. M. and continued to rain with inter-
vales throughout the day.    Saw 14 Garter Snakes [5]
6th rained the greater part of the day moderately.
7th Thick fog this morning which Continued untill 11 A. M. Cleared
off and was fair until meridian, [6]    Several havy Showers dure-
ing the evening
8th rained moderately
9th rained all day with wind
10th    do          do
11th    do          do
12th violent wind from the S W. acompanied with Hail thunder
and Lightning, the Claps of Thunder excessively loud and
Continued from 3 to 6 A. M.    Cleared off a Short time
& raind untill 12 oClock    Cleared off an hour and rained
again. [7]
14th a blustering rainey day
15th The after part of this day is fair and calm for the first time since
the 5th instant. [8]
18th Cloudy    Reubin Field Killed a Vulture [9]
20th rained moderately from 6 A. M. [10]
21st rained all last night untill 1 P. M and Cleared away and was
Cloudy without rain
22nd rained all day    wind violent from the S E [11]
23nd rained all last night to day Cloudy
24th rained moderately for a Short time this morning
25th Some Showers of rain last night
26th rained all day with Some hard Showers.    the wind not so vio-
lent as it has been for Sevral days past. [12]
27th violent wind and hard rain all day. Campd. at Pt. William [13]
28th a tremendious Storm from the N W. in the after part of the
day.    rained all last night and to daye. [14]
29th rained all last night hard, and to day moderately    I decend
with 5 men in a canoe to examine the Country.
30th rained and hailed with short intervales throughout the last
night, Some thunder and lightninge.    3 large Hawks killed,
which we thought delicious food
1. Lewis's weather table and remarks appear in Voorhis No. 4 and Clark's in Codex I. This table follows Lewis. Significant variations are noted. (back)
2. Clark has "r a r. fog." (back)
3. Lewis's remarks in Voorhis No. 4 are in the margin of his weather table; Clark's in Codex I are separate. Lewis's remarks are followed here, with significant differences in Clark's remarks noted. (back)
4. Clark has also, "passed the enterance of quick Sand river." (back)
5. Clark has "Striped" instead of "Garter." In the daily entry he gives the number of seventeen. It may be the Pacific red-sided garter snake, Thamnophis sirtalis concinnus. (back)
6. Clark has "about 2 hours" instead of "meridian." (back)
7. Clark adds, "the rain has been pretty generally falling Since the 7th inst." (back)
8. Clark says the "12th instant," and adds, "and no rain.    move our encampment." (back)
9. Clark adds, "I proceed to the Ocean." (back)
10. Clark adds, "on the 20th untill 1 P. M. the 21st after which it become Cloudy without rain." (back)
11. Clark says, "The wind violent from the S. S. E. throwing the water of the R over our Camp and rain continued all day." (back)
12. Clark adds, "Some rain on the morning of the 23d and night of the 24 instant." (back)
13. Clark writes, "rained moderately all day    a hard wind from the S W which compelled us to lie by on the isthmus of point WIlliam on the South Side." (back)
14. Clark has, "The wind which was from the S W. Shifted in the after part of the day to the N W. and blew a Storm which was tremendious.    rained all the last night and to day without intermission." (back)