December 11, 1805
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December 11, 1805


rained all last night moderately, we are all employed putting up the huts, rained at intervales all day moderately    employed in putting up Cabins for our winter quarters, one man with Tumers, one with a Strained Knee, one Sick with Disentary & Serjt. Pryor unwell from haveing his Sholder out of place


rained all the last night moderately    we are all employed putting up huts or Cabins for our winters quarters.    Sergeant Pryor unwell from a dislocation of his Sholder, Gibson with the disentary, Jo. Fields with biles on his legs, & Werner with a Strained Knee.    The rained Continued moderately all day.


Wednesday 11th Decr. 1805.    we began raiseing one line of our huts.    rained the greater part of the day. George Gibson Sick.


Wednesday 11th.    This day was so cloudy and wet; but we continued at our hut-building.


Wednesday Decemr 11th    A wet morning & the party continued on cutting logs, Pickets &ca.    We raised one line of our huts this day.    It continued raining the greater part of this day—    One of our party by the name of Gibson was taken very ill occasioned by being constantly wet.—