December 15, 1805
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December 15, 1805


I Set out with 16 men in 3 Canoes for the Elk    proced up the 1st right hand fork 4 miles [1] & pack the meat from the woods to the Cano from 4 mile to 3 miles distance    all hands pack    not one man exempted from this labour    I also pack my Self Some of this meat, and Cook for those out in packing    Some rain in the evening    Cloudy all day, the last load of meat all the party got out of the road or Direction and did not get to the Canoe untill after night, 5 did not join to night


I Set out early with 16 men and 3 canoes for the Elk, proceed up the River three miles and thence up a large Creek from the right about 3 miles the hite of the tide water drew up the Canoes and all hands went out in three different parties and brought in to the Canoe each Man a quarter of Elk, I Sent them out for a Second load and had Some of the first Cooked against their return, after eateing a harty diner dispatched the party for a third and last load, about half the men missed their way and did not get to the Canoes untill after Dark, and Serjt. Ordway Colter, Colins Whitehouse & McNeal Staid out all night without fire and in the rain—    Cloudy all day    Some rain in the evening.


Sunday 15th Decr. 1805. Capt. Clark and the most of the party set out with three canoes to go after the 17 Elk.    went up as far as possable with the canoes then packed each man 2 loads each, and went after the third and got Scattered    night over took Some of us and I Whitehouse Collins and Hugh Mcneal got lost and Stayed out all night with out fire. [2]


Sunday 15th.    The morning was cloudy. Captain Clarke with 16 of the party [3] started to bring in the meat the 4 men were taking care of; myself and 2 others were employed in fixing and finishing the quarters of the Commanding Officers, and 2 more preparing puncheons for covering the huts. Some light showers fell during the day; and at night 3 Indians came to our camp, and brought us two large salmon.


Sunday Decemr 15th    We had cloudy weather.    Captain Clark with most of our Men set out with 3 Canoes, to go up the Little River about 3 Miles, after the 17 Elks &ca. which the 2 hunters who returned to Camp Yesterday had killed, & left there.    We proceeded on, & came near to the place with the Canoes & halted.    The party had carried each 2 loads of Meat to the Canoes and went out for a third.    The woods at that place and under brush lay so thick, that the Men got scatter'd & some of them were lost.—    Serjeant Ordway, three of the Men [4] & myself were among those that had lost themselves.    We were obliged to stay out during the Night.    It rained all that night & the wind blew very cold & being without fire, we suffered considerably both from the Rain & wind.    Four of the party also got lost, but they came to the place where the party was with much difficulty after dark.—

1. Perhaps Johnson Slough, Clasop County, Oregon; presumably the stream labeled "Kil la malk-ka C" on Atlas map 84. (back)
2. Clark also counted Colter in this group. (back)
3. Including Ordway, Colter, Collins, Whitehouse, and McNeal, according to Clark. (back)
4. Colter, Collins, and McNeal, according to Clark. (back)