December 22, 1805
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December 22, 1805


rained all the last night & to day without much intermition    we finish dobbig 4 huts which is all we have Covered, the Punchin floor & Bunks finished    Drewyer go out to trap—    Sjt. J. Ordway, Gibson & my Servent Sick Several with Biles on them & bruses of different kinds, much of our meat Spoiled.


rained Continued all the last night and to day without much intermition, men employd doeing what they can at the houses. Drewyer Set out up the Creek to Set his traps for beaver, Sergt. ordway, Gibson & my Servent Sick, Several men Complain of biles and bruses of differant kinds.

We discover that part of our last Supply of meat is Spoiling from the womph [warmth] of the weather not withstanding a constant Smoke kept under it day and night.


Sunday 22nd Decr. 1805.    high wind all last night.    the weather rainy warm & wet.