December 23, 1805
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December 23, 1805


rained without intermition all last night, and this day    much Thunder in the morning and evening with rain and Some hail to day, we are all employd about our huts have ours Covered and Dobed & we move into it, 2 Canoes of Indians Came up to day.    I purchased 3 mats verry neetly made, 2 bags made with Flags verry neetly made, those the Clotsops Carry their fish in.    also a Panthor [1] Skin and Some Lickorish roots, for which I gave a worn out file, 6 fish hooks & Some Pounded fish which to us was Spoiled, but those people were fond of—    in the evining those people left us    I also gave a String of wompom to a Chief, and Sent a Small pice of Simimon to a Sick Indian in the Town who had attached himself to me


Rained without intermition all the last night and to day with Thunder and Hail the fore and after part of this day    Capt Lewis and my Self move into our hut to day unfinished—    two Canoes with Indians of the Clât Sop nation Came up to day. I purcahsed 3 mats and bags all neetly made of flags and rushes, those bags are nearly Square of different size's open on one Side, I also purchasd a panthor Skin 7½ feet long including the tail, all of which I gave 6 Small fish hooks, a Small worn out file & Some pounded fish which we Could not use as it was So long wet that it was Soft and molded, the Indians of this neighbourhood prize the pound'd fish verry highly, I have not observed this method of Secureing fish on any other part of the Columbian waters then that about the Great falls.    I gave a 2d Chief a String of wampom, and Sent a little pounded fish to Cus-ca-lah who was Sick in the village & could not come to See us.


Monday 23rd Decr. 1805.    nothing extraordinary hapened more than common this day.—

1. Mountain lion or cougar, Felis concolor. (back)