Volume 10 Preface

This volume, the previous one, and the one to follow rely largely on the editorial work of previous books in this edition. Therefore, the editorial notes and supporting material in these three books owe a debt to former consultants and friends of the project. Once again we extend our great appreciation to the unselfish work of these generous people.

Nevertheless, we have several persons to thank specifically for help with this volume. The journal of Sergeant Patrick Gass is to be found only in printed form; the original has been lost since its first publication in 1807. We used a copy from the University Archives and Special Collections, University of Nebraska Libraries, which was generously microfilmed for us by Joseph G. Svoboda. We were also aided there by Michele L. Fagan and Lynn R. Beideck-Porn. At our host institution, the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, help came from John R. Wunder, Linda J. Ratcliffe, and Gretchen Walker of the Center for Great Plains Studies, and Thomas W. Dunlay and Doris VanSchooten of the project.

Scholars again provided advice in their respective disciplines. BOTANY: Steven J. Brunsfeld, University of Idaho; A. T. Harrison, Westminster College, Salt Lake City; ENTOMOLOGY: Kenneth P. Pruess, University of Nebraska–Lincoln.

The project received financial support from Samuel H. Douglas III (Whittier, California), Nelson S. Weller (Piedmont, California), the Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation, and the National Endowment for the Humanities, an independent federal agency.

We extend our sincerest appreciation to all these individuals. Any deficiencies in the present work, however, are entirely the fault of the editor.