June 30, 1804
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June 30, 1804

10h rasberreis perple, ripe and abundant,
11h many small bird are now setting    some have young, the whiper-
will setting [2]
16 June the wood duck now has it's young, this duck is abundant, and
except one Solatary Pelican and a few gees these ducks were
the only aquatic fowls we have yet seen
1. No tables of weather observations for June 1804 have been found, but both captains entered a few remarks, Clark in Codex C and Lewis in his Weather Diary. These are observations of natural phenomena related to seasonal change and climate, such as plant ripening and animal migrations, rather than weather data as such. Those given follow Lewis, but the comments of both men are virtually identical. They are placed at the end of the appropriate month, as before. (back)
2. Whip-poor-will. See June 4, 1804. (back)