July 1, 1804
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July 1, 1804


July 1st 1804, last night one of the Sentinals Chang'd [challenged] either a man or Beast, which run off, all prepared for action, Set out early passed the Dimond Isd.    pass a Small Creek on the L. S.    as this Creek is without name we Call it Biscuit Creek [1]    Brackfast on the upper point of a Sand beech, The river still falling a little    a verry warm Day. I took Some medison last night which has worked me very much    party all in helth except Boils— [2]

passed a Sand bar in the river above the Isd. Covered for a me. with Drift Wood, Came to    Capt Lewis took Medn. altitude & we delayed three hours, the day being excessively hot, Turkeys are plenty on the Shore, 〈Some of the men〉 G. Drewyer inform that he Saw PueCanns [pecan] Trees [3] on S. S. yesterday    great quantities of raspburies an Grapes, (2) pass a Creek on the L. S. called remore (Tree Frog) Creek, [4] an Isd above in the Mid: and 〈a Pond on〉 2 Willow Isds on the S. S. all of the Same name; [5] The two Willow Isds. has been made within 3 years & the Main Chanl. runs now on the L S. of the large Island where there was no running wate[r] at low water from this Island    the range of Hills up the river to the N, W, pass a run on the L. S. [6] a Butifull extensive Prarie, Two Islands just above Called (Isles des Parques) or Field Islands, [7] those Islands are, one of our French hands tels me that the French intended to Settle here once & brought their Cows and put them on those Islands, Mr Mackey Says the first village of the Kanseis was a little above this Island & made use of as fields, no trace of anything of that Kind remains to be Seen on the Isds.    fine Land on the L. Side, Hills near the river all day, Camped on the lower pot. of 1st Isd.— [8]

Missouri River near Mouth of Grand River to Beyond Mouth
of Kansas River, ca. July 1, 1804, Field Notes, document 10
(Journals 2 University of Nebraska Press,
used with permission.)

July 1    
N. 62° W. 1 ½ me. to S. S. Side of an Island (Dimond I[)]
N. 40° W.    ¼ me. on S. S. of the Isd.    1 Sand Isd. on Left
N. 28° W.    ¾ me. to Pt. on L. S.    passed the upper point of Isd
N. 45 W. 3 ½ mils to a pt. on S. S.    Cours Cond. to tree in ops.
Prary on the Ld S. [9]
Course Distance and refurrences (by Ltte) July 1.
    6 Mes on the course's of this morning—
N. 32 d W   1 ½ ms. to a pt. on the L. Side.
N. 14 d W.   to the right Side of an Isd.    passed a Creek on
L. S. (2) [10]
N 58 W.   2 ½ ms. to pt. L S.    passed the head of the Isd.
N. 42 W.   1 ½ ms. to a pt. on S. S.
N. 27 W      ½ me. to North Side of a Island (3) Creek L. S. and
a Butifull extensive [Prarie?]    High and dry [11]

a Small allarm last night    all prepared for action, Set out early this morning    passed on the North Side of Dimond Island, a Small Creek mouths opposit I call Biscuit Creek,—    a large sand bar in the middle of the river 1½ ms. above the Isd. Covered with Drift wood.    river fall a little. The wind from S. W.    Came to above this Drift and delayed three hours to refresh the men who were verry much over powered with the heat, Great quantity of Grapes & raspberries, (2) passed a Small Creek on the L. S. below one large and two small Islands. This Creek and Isds. are Called Remore (or Tree Frog)    a large Pond on the S. S., the main Current of Water run'g on the L. S. of the Island, I am told that Three years ago the main Current run on the S. S. of the Island and no appearance of the two Smaller Islands, Camped on the lower point of one of the two large & 2 Small Isds. Called Isles des Parques or field Islds    a high butifull Prarie on the L. S.    one of the french hands Says "that the french Kept their Cattle & horses on those Islands at the time they had in this quarter a fort & trading establishment.["]

Course Distance & refrs. July 1st
N. 62° W.   1 ½ ms. on the S. Side of the Isd.
N. 40° W      ¼ me.    do    do    do
N. 28° W      ¾ me. to pt. on L. S.    psd. the Isd.
N. 45° W   3 ½ ms. to a pt. on S. S.    psd. Drift
N. 32° W   1 ½ Me. to a 〈the lower〉 creek 〈pt. of a Isd〉. L.S.
N. 58 W   2 ½ Ms. to pt. L. S.    psd. the head of Isd.
N. 42 W.   1 ½ ms. to a pt. on 〈L〉 S. S.
N. 27 W.      ½ me. to pt. of Field Isd.    prarie L. S.

paecaun Trees Seen on the S. S.    Deer and turkeys in great quantities on the bank


On the Larboard shore one ½ miles above the upper point of the dimond Island.

Observed Meridian Altd. of ☉'s L. L. with Octant by the back obstn.    36° 59' 30"

Latitude deduced from this obstn.    39° 9' 38.6"


Sunday July 1st 1804.    we Set out at Sun rise    passed a Small Creek which we call Bisquet Creek [13] on the South Side of the Missouris, we passed a Sand barr in the river which was covered for a mile with Drift wood, the Day is exceding hot. So we Stoped at 12 oClock & Delayed about 3 hours to rest in the heat of the day, high land on the South Side    fine Bottom on the North Side of Missouris, we came to a high prarie on the South Side.    we Camped [14] after Comming about 10 or 12 miles, on the North Side of the Missouris.    passed Several Islands in course of the Day


Sunday July 1th 1804    Set out    Clear day    passed Small Creek on the South Side Called Biscuit C. High Land    passed a Creek on the S. Side Called Frog Tree Creek    a Pond on the N S. Called the Same name    Good water    made 12½ miles    Campt on an Isd. near the South Side    ouer Flanken party Did not Join us Last evning.


Sunday 1st July, 1804.    We set out at five in the morning, and having advanced 12 miles, encamped on an island opposite a prairie on the south side of the river.


Sunday July 1st    We embarked early this morning, the current set strong against us this day; passed a number of Islands lying on the South side of the River, our Hunters did not come up to us this day.    We encamp'd on an Island call'd Green Island, [15] distance that we rowed this day being 12¼ Miles.—

1. Probably Island Creek, which mouths above Diamond Island near the Wyandotte-Leavenworth county line, Kansas. MRC map 15; MRM map 42. (back)
2. The first part of this day's entry in the Field Notes is on document 25; the remainder is on document 24. At the beginning of the second portion are drawn an asterisk and star; these Clark must have intended as a reference to other material, but the place they are repeated is at the head of the courses and distances for June 30. Since a portion of the courses and distances for July 1 is found under those for June 30, he may have misplaced his reference symbols. (back)
3. Carya illinoensis (Wang.) K. Koch, pecan. This mention of pecan in Leavenworth County, is its northern limit on the Missouri River. Steyermark, 511, 514; Barkley, 37. (back)
4. This might be either Ninemile Creek, or Fivemile Creek, Leavenworth County. McDermott (WCS), 148–49; MRC map 15. (back)
5. These islands might be part of what was later called Delaware Bar, but the position relative to Ninemile Creek (see n. 4, above) is not precisely that desecribed by Clark. The possibility of changes in the river is always present, as indicated by Clark's own description. If Tree Frog Creek is Fivemile Creek, then the large island might be later Leavenworth Island. MRC map 15. (back)
6. Perhaps Threemile Creek, at present Leavenworth, Leavenworth County. Ibid.; MRM map 44. (back)
7. Opposite present Leavenworth and Fort Leavenworth. The river course has evidently changed considerably over the years. MRC map 15. (back)
8. Opposite present Leavenworth, probably on later Leavenworth Island. Nicollet renders them as one long mass labeled "Old Cluster of Islands Called Isles des Parcs," in the position of later Leavenworth Island. Probable river changes over the years make it difficult to determine the exact locations in relation to the Missouri-Kansas state line. Nicollet (MMR), 371 ; MRC map 15. (back)
9. The first part of the courses and distance for this entry in the Field Notes is at the bottom of document 25. A sunburst symbol, by Clark, directs the reader to the other portion, at the bottom of document 24. (back)
10. This course is not found in Codex A. (back)
11. Some figures are at right angles to the rest of the writing on the page: 13, 10, 7, and a total of 30. Apparently Clark was adding mileage for July 1 and the previous two days. Clark's total for July 1 should probably be 12. Additional roles at bottom of page: N. 22 d E, North, (16). "N. 22 d E" is the first course of the next day. (back)
12. Lewis's observation from Codex O. (back)
13. Probably Island Creek, near the Wyandotte-Leavenworth county line, Kansas. (back)
15. Only Whitehouse gives this name for what was probably later Leavenworth Island, opposite Leavenworth, Leavenworth County, Kansas. (back)