June 30, 1804
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June 30, 1804


30th June, Set out verry early this Morng    Saw a verry large wolf [1] [blank] on the Sand bar this morning walking near a gange of Turkeys (1) at 10 miles above the Kansis passed the mouth of a Small River Call the ( Petite Plate ) or the little Shole river, [2] this river is about 70 yds. Wide and has Several rapids & falls, well Calculatd for mills, the land on this river is Said to be Roaling, Killed 2 Deer Bucks Swinging [swimming] the river    the wind from the S. W.    here we opened the Bag of Bread given us by [blank] which we found verry good, our Bacon which was given us by [blank] we examined and found Sound and good    Some of that purchased in the Illinois Spoiled, 〈I found〉 a relish of this old bacon this morning was verry agreeable, Deer to be Seen in every direction and their tracks ar as plenty as Hogs about a farm, our hunts. Killed 9 Deer to day    the land below the last river is good, that above, between the two rivers which is near together is Slaik'y [3] and bad on the N. Side, the other Side is good land, Landed on the L. S. below an Isd called Dimond Island [4]

Course Distance & refurrencees June 30th [5]
N. 20° W   2 Ms. to put L. S.    Boat wheeled
N. 30° W      ½ Me. on the L. S.—    High lands on the S. S.
S. 64° W.   2 ½ ms. to Pt. on S. S.    psd. Little Rivr Platt. (1)
West   1 me. on S. S.    a Small Creek on L. S.
N. 60° W   4 ms. to a pt. on the L. S.

Set out verry early this morning, a verry large wolf Came to the bank and looked at us this morning, passd the (1) mouth of a Small river 10 ms. above the Kanseis Called by the french Petite River Platte (or Shoal river) from the number of falls in it, this river is about 60 yards wide at its mouth and runs Parrilel with the Missouries for ten or twelve miles, 〈I am〉 [NB: (Some of the party who went up] told that the lands on this Small river is good, and on its Several falls well Calculated for mills, the wind from S. W.    came to at 12 oClock & rested three hours, the [sun or day?] being hot the men becom verry feeble, Farnsts. Thermometer at 3 oClock Stood at 96° above 0, emence numbs. of Deer on the banks, Skipping in every derection, the party Killed nine Bucks on the river & Bank to day, The Countrey on the S. S. between the Shoal River & Missouris is indifferent Subject to overflow, that below and on the L. S. is high & appers well timbered, Camped on the L. S. opsd. the Lower point of a Isd. Called diamond Island, Broke our mast

Course Distance & reefrs. June 30th
N. 20° W.   2 Ms. to pt. L. S.    Boat turned
N. 30° W.      ½ me. on L. S.    High Land S. S.
S. 64° W.   2 ½ ms. to pt. on S. S.    psd. R Plate (1)
West—   1 Me. on S. S.    a Sm. Creek L. S.
N. 60° W   4 ms. to pt. on L. S.

On the Larboard Shore ¾ of a mile below the Little river Platte.—

Observed time and distance of ☉'s and ☽'s nearest limbs; the ☉ East with Sext. & Chrontr.

  Time     Distance    
  h m s      
A. M. 7 55 36 90° 58' —"
  " 57 16 " 57 45
  " 58 49 " 57 45
  8   1 20 " 56 15
  "   2 52 " 55
  "   4 16 " 55
  "   5 26 " 54 45
  "   6 11 " 54 45
  "   7 10 " 54 30
  "   8   9 " 54 30
  h m s      
A. M. 8 11 11 90° 50' 30"
  " 12 39 " 50 15
  " 13 57 " 50
  " 14 57 " 49 45
  " 15 54 " 49 15
  " 16 53 " 49
  " 17 30 " 48 45
  " 18 53 " 48
  " 19 45 " 48
  " 20 24 " 47 45

Saturday June 30th 1804, we Set out eairly    proceeded on    Saw a verry large woolf on the sand beach this morning    at 10 miles from or above the Kansis    passed the mouth of a Small River called Petete platt R. or little Shole river, this river is about 50 yd. wide and has Several Rapids & falls, well calculated for mills, the Land on this River is Said to be roaling    the men killed 2 Deer Swimming the River. The hunters killed 7 Deer    the most of them were bucks.    we broke our mast comming to Shore against a Small Tree which hung over the River.    came about 10 miles this day    camped [7] on the South Side of the Missouris,


Saturday June 30th 1804    Set our verry early this morning    Saw a wolf on the Sind Bare    passed the Littel River platte on the N. Side    it is about 100 yards wide    Clear water    High Land on the Loer Side of it    on this River it is Sayed that thare is a nomber of 〈fowl〉 falls on it fitting for mills    the land is Rolling    campt on the South Side    the Land is Low    that on the N is the Same.


Saturday 30th.    The day was clear and we continued our voyage; found high land on both sides of the river; and passed a large creek on the north side, called Platt, fifty yards wide. We broke our mast and encamped [8] on the south side, where there were the most signs of game I ever saw.


Saterday 30    Got on our way at day light    the water Was Strong the land high on Each Side    the deer was plentifull on the Sand beech as we passd along    all sorts of fowls    likeway the woolves and Bears Every day    Roed 12 Miles—

June 30th Saturday    This morning at day light we embark'd and proceeded on our Voyage, found the current setting strong against us, The land on both sides of the River lies high, We perceived the Deer in abundance on the Land beaches, as we passed along, likewise Bears & Wolves, 〈with〉 and abundance of Wild fowl.    we encamped on the Bank of the River, having rowed 12 Miles this day—

1. Presumably a gray wolf, Canis lupus, which Lewis describes May 5, 1805. Hall 2:928–33. (back)
2. The Platte, or Little Platte, River in Platte County, Missouri, not to be confused with the stream of that name in Nebraska. In 1804, its mouth was probably several miles down the Missouri from its present position. "Platte" in French implies that the stream is relatively level, wide, and shallow. Clark's "Shole" is, of course, "shoal." Stewart (APN), 376; MRC map 15. (back)
3. Slaky means miry or muddy. (back)
4. Diamond Island was still on maps about 1890 but no longer is. The camp was in northeast Wyandotte County, Kansas, in the vicinity of the present village of Wolcott. MRC map 15; MRM map 42. (back)
5. The courses and distances for this Field Notes entry come on the same sheet (document 25) after a portion of the entry for July 1 and were later crossed out. Here they are placed under the correct date. (back)
6. Lewis's observation from Codex O. (back)
7. In the vicinity of the village of Wolcott, Wyandotte County, Kansas. (back)
8. Opposite Diamond Island, no longer in existence, in southeastern Wyandotte County, Kansas. (back)