December 1, 1804
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December 1, 1804


1s Decr.    a young Chief arrived

7 Chiens Came to the Village with a pipe & the 3 Ricares who Came here a flew days ago & Sent off yesterday have returned and Say that the Sieaux & ricares are Camped together


wind from the N W.    all hands ingaged in gitting pickets &. at 10 oClock the half brother of the man who was killed Came and informd. us that after my 〈arrival〉 departure last night Six Chiens So Called by the french 〈Chat〉 Shar ha Indians had arrived with a pipe and Said that 〈their nation was at one days march and intended to Come & trade &c.    three Panies had also arrived from the nation〉 [NB: their nation was then within 3 days march & were coming on to trade with us.    〈to be inserted this〉    Three Pawnees accompd these Chayennes—    The Mandans call all ricaras Pawnees; don't 〈know〉 use the name of rics. but the rics call themselves Rics ] [2]    The mandans apprehended danger from the Shar has as they were at peace with the Seaux; and wished to Kill them and the Ricarees (or Panies) but the Cheifs informed the nation ["]it was our wish that they Should not be hurt, and forbid being Killed &c."    we gave a little Tobacco &c. & this man Departed well Satisfied with our councils and advice to him

in the evening a Mr. G Henderson [3] in the imploy of the hudsons bay Company Sent to trade with the Gros ventre —or big bellies So Called by the french traders


Saturday 1st December 1804.    the morning fair.    we commenced bringing the pickets & preparing to picket in our Garrison &.C.    an Indian came from the Manden village to Inform us that a large nomber Sd. 300 lodge of the Shian or [blank] nation had Come to their villages.    a Scotsman [4] who is tradeing at the Mandens came to visit us.    he belonged to the hudson bay company [page torn, some words illegible]    he brought over Tobacco Beeds & other kinds of Goods & traded with the Mandens for their furs & buffalow Robes.    they bring Some Guns to trade for horses &.C.    this hudsons bay compy. lay Garrisoned near the N. W. Compy. on River [blank]    Eight or 10 days travel by land a North course from this.


Saturday 1st December, 1804.    The day was pleasent, and we began to cut and carry pickets to complete our fort. One of the traders from the North West Company [5] came to the fort, and related that the Indians had been troublesome in his way through. An Indian came down from the first Mandan village, and told us that a great number of the Chien or Dog nation [6] had arrived near the village.


December 1st    Nothing hapend Extraordinary    Continued Picquiting in the huts—

December 1st Saturday    This day, all our Men, were employ'd in procuring pickets, and picketting in our Fort which the Officers were determined to have made Strong.

1. On one side of this document 65 of the Field Notes are entries for November 3 and December 1, 1804. Below the latter entry is this column of figures: 3, 21, 2, and a total of 26. On the other side are the notations "Notes at Wood River 1803-4," and "Genl. Jonathan Clark Near Louisville Kentucky," and "Nothing." It would appear that Clark intended at some point to wrap his River Dubois notes in this piece of paper to send to his brother Jonathan. See Introduction; Osgood (FN), xvi–xvii. (back)
2. "Rics" is obviously an abbreviation for "Arikara." (Clark also uses "Rees," later a common abbreviation for "Arikaree." Biddle is noting the fact that the Mandans called the Pawnees and Arikaras by the same name. (back)
3. George Henderson was in charge of a party of Hudson's Bay Company men who had come from the Assiniboine River to compete with the North West Company traders. The exact date of his arrival is not clear, since Clark refers to the coming of men of both companies in his Field Notes for November 27 (see above under November 19, 1804). The December 1 entry may only refer to Henderson's visiting Fort Mandan that day, but Larocque notes the arrival of a Hudson's Bay man on the first. Masson, 1:299, 306. (back)
4. George Henderson of the Hudson's Bay Company. (back)
5. George Henderson, actually of the Hudson's Bay Company, and thus a competitor of the North West Company traders. (back)
6. Cheyennes; Gass is still confusing the name with chien, or dog. (back)