Weather, September 1805
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Weather, September 1805


Day of
the Month
State of
the Ther-
at ☉ rise

at ☉ rise

Wind at
☉ rise
State of
the Ther-
at 4 P. M.

at 4 P.M.

Wind at
4 P.M.
[September] 1st 38 a c N W 67 a c N W
2nd 36 a c. a. r N E 60 a c a r h N E
3rd 34 a c. a. r N E. 52 a c a r N E
4th 19 a r. a. S. N E 34 a c a r N E
5th 17 a c. a. s N E. 29 a c a r & s N E
6th c. a. r. N E r N E
7th   c. a. r N E   c a r N E
8th   c N E   c a r N E
9th   c. a. r N E   f a r N E
10th   f N W   f N W
11th   f N W   f N W
12th   f. N W.   f N E
13th   c N E   r N E
14th   c. a. r S W   c a r. & S. [2] S W
15th   c a L & s [3] S W   s S W
16th   c a s S W   f S W.
17th   f S W   f S W.
18th   f S W   f S W.
19th   f S W   f S W.
20th   f S W   f S W.
21st   f S E   f S W.
22nd   f S W   f S W
23rd   f S W   f S W.
24th   f a r t & L [4] S E   f a r [5] S E.
25th   f E   f S W.
26th   f E   f S W.
27th   f E   f S W.
28th   f E   f S W.
29th   f E   f S W.
30th   f E   f S W.
[Remarks] [6]
[September] 2nd Service berries dried on the bushes abundant and
very fine.    black colour.
3rd Choke Cherries ripe and abundant.
4th ice one inch thick.
5th Ground Covered with Snow.
6th Thermometer broke by the Box strikeing against a
tree [7]
8th Mountains Covered with Snow to the S. W.    a sin-
gular kind of Prickly Pears.
9th arrived a[t] travelers rest Creek
10th Met 3 flat head Indians in the pursute of 2 Snake
indians who had taken their horses [8]
12th Mounts to our left Covered with Snow
13th a hot Spring
14th killed and eat a colt [9]
15th no water    we are obliged to Substitute the coald
Snow. [10]
16th Snow commenced about 4 oClock A. M. and con-
tinued untill night.    it is about 7 inches deep.    ice
one inch thick. [11]
17th Killed & eate the 2d Coalt
18th Capt Clark goes on a head with the hunters.    hard
black frost this morning
19th rose raspberry ripe and abundant. [12]
20th I found a horse had him killed & hung up for the
party behind
21st I arrive at the Flat head Camp of 200 lodges in a
Small prarie [13]
22nd purchased Some provisions roots &c    Send Rubin
back with Some Provisions to meet Capt.
23rd I joined Capt Lewis at the flat head village last night
24th a thunder cloud last evening. [14]
25th I proceed to the forks    worm day
26th Form a Camp at the forks
27th Several Indians visit us in from below. Set about
building 5 canoes.    day very warm
29th ¾ of the party Sick. Day very hot
30th Great numbers of Small Ducks pass down the river.
hot day
1. Lewis's weather data are in Codex Fe and Codex P; Clark's are in Codex I. This table followed Codex Fe, with discrepancies noted. There is no record of river rise or fall. (back)
2. Lewis in Codex P and Clark in Codex I have only "c a r." (back)
3. Lewis in Codex P and Clark in Codex I have only "c a s." (back)
4. Lewis in Codex P has only "f." (back)
5. Lewis in Codex P and Clark in Codex I have only "f." (back)
6. Lewis (Codices Fe and P) and Clark (Codex I) have a number of marginal remarks for this month, many of which do not refer to the weather. Lewis is missing remarks for a number of days; Clark's are substituted for the following: September 8, 9, 10, 13, 17, 20, 21, 22, 23, 25, 27, 29, and 30. (back)
7. Clark in Codex I adds, "in the Rock mountains." This was their last thermometer and there were, of course, no recorded temperatures for the remainder of the expedition. (back)
8. These Flatheads were probably Nez Perces. (back)
9. Clark adds, "Snowed rained & hailed to day." (back)
10. Clark adds, "to boil our Colt." (back)
11. Clark's remark reads, "the Snow fell on the old Snow 4 inches deep last night." (back)
12. There are numerous possibilities for both the wild rose (Rosa) and raspberries (Rubus) in the area. Possibilities for the rose include Rosa nutkana Presl and wood rose, R. gymnocarpa Nutt. in T. & G. Possibilities for the raspberries include thimbleberry Rubus parviflorus Nutt., red raspberry, R. idaeus L., or black raspberry, R. leucodermis Dougl. ex T. & G. Clark's version is, "Snow is about 4 Inches deep." (back)
13. The Indians were actually Nez Perces. (back)
14. Clark writes, "Capt Lewis & Several men Sick." (back)