December 6, 1805
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December 6, 1805


Wind blew hard all the last night, and a moderate rain, the waves verry high, This morning the wind which is Still from the S W increased and rained Continued all day, at Dusk wind Shifted to the North and it Cleared up and became fare, High water to day at 12 oClock & 13 Inches higher than yesterday.    we were obliged to move our Camp out of the Water on high grown    all wet.


The wind blew hard all the last night with a moderate rain, the waves verry high, the wind increased & from the S. W. and the rain Continued all day, about Dark the wind Shifted to the North cleared away and became fair weather.

The high tide of today is 13 inches higher than yesterday, and obliged us to move our Camp which was in a low Situation, on higher ground Smoke exceedingly disagreeable.


Friday 6th Decr. 1805.    about noon the Storm arose and the tide raised about 2 feet higher than common So that the water came in to our Camp So that we moved our Camps to higher ground.    the Storm cont. all day.


Friday 6th.    We had another wet morning, and were not able to set out. At noon it rained very hard, and the tide flowed so high, that in some part of our camp the water was a foot deep: we had therefore to remove to higher ground. In the afternoon it still continued to rain hard.


Friday Decemr 6th    A rainey disagreeable morning, & the Wind continued high; We 〈are〉 were obliged still to lay at where we were encamped.    About 1 o'Clock P. M. it blew a storm, and the tide rose about 2 feet perpendicular higher, than it had been, since we are at this place, & over flowed some of our Camps, which obliged us to move them to higher ground, than they were first at; the Storm still continued, & the Rain extinguish'd our fires, & made it exceedingly disagreeable to us.    Towards evening the Weather cleared up, & it became a little more pleasant,