December 5, 1805
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December 5, 1805


Som 〈Showers of〉 hard Showers of rain last night, this morn Cloudy and drisly rain, in the bay above the Showers appear harder.    High water to day at 12 oClock    this tide is 2 Ins. higher than that of yesterday    all our Stores again wet by the hard Showers of last night    Capt Lewis's long delay below has been the cause of no little uneasiness on my part for him, a 1000 conjectures has crouded into my mind respecting his probable Situation & Safty—.    rained hard.    Capt Lewis returned haveing found a good Situation and Elk Suffient to winter on, his party killed 6 Elk & 5 Deer in their absence in Serch of a Situation and game

Rain continued all the after pt. of the day accompanied with hard wind from the S W. which provents our moveing from this Camp.


Some hard Showers of rain last night, this morning Cloudy and drisley at Some little distanc above the isthmus the rain is much harder.    high water to day at 12    this tide is 2 inches higher than that of yesterday.    all our Stores and bedding are again wet by the hard rain of last night. Capt. Lewis's long delay below, has been the Sorce of no little uneasness on my part of his probable Situation and Safty, the repeeted rains and hard winds which blows from the S, W. renders it impossible for me to move with loaded Canoes along an unknown Coast    we are all wet & disagreeable; the party much better of indispositions—.    Capt. Lewis returned with 3 men in the Canoe and informs me that he thinks that a Sufficient number of Elk may be prcured Convenient to a Situation on a Small river which falls into a Small bay a Short distance below, that his party had Killed 6 Elk & 5 Deer in his rout, two men of his party left behind to Secure the Elk

this was verry Satisfactory information to all the party.    we accordingly deturmined to proceed on to the Situation which Capt. Lewis had Viewed as Soon as the wind and weather Should permit and Comence building huts &c.


Thursday 5th Decr. 1805.    rainy dissagreeable weather.    about noon Capt. Lewis and three men returned and informed us that they had found a tollarable good place for our winters quarters about 15 miles down the South Shore, a Short distance up a Small River. [2]    they had killed 7 Elk and five Deer.    2 men stayed to take care of the meat—


Thursday 5th.    Again we had a wet stormy day, so that the men were unable to proceed with the canoes. About 11 o'clock Capt. Lewis and three of his party came back to camp; the other two were left to take care of some meat they had killed. They have found a place about 15 miles from this camp, up a small river [3] which puts into a large bay on the south side of the Columbia, that will answer very well for winter quarters, as game is very plenty, which is the main object with us; and we intend to move there as soon as circumstances will admit. There is more wet weather on this coast, than I ever knew in any other place; during a month, we have had three fair days; and there is no prospect of a change.


Thursday Decemr. 5th    We had hard rain & stormy weather; which was very disagreeable.    About 12 o'Clock A. M. Captain Lewis & 3 Men who were part of those that went with him returned to Camp with the Canoe.    They informed us, that they had found a tolerable good place, [4] to build our Winter quarters at.    The place they said lay up a small river, [5] about 4 Miles on the South side; & about 15 Miles from this place.    They had killed seven Elk; and had left 2 of the Men to take care of the meat hides & had also killed 5 deer.    They brought some of the Meat with them.    It continued raining the whole of this day.—

1. The purpose of the two asterisks near the end of this line is not known. (back)
2. The site of Fort Clatsop on Lewis and Clark River, Clatsop County, Oregon, called Netul River by the party. (back)
3. The site of Fort Clatsop on Lewis and Clark River, Clatsop County, Oregon, called Netul River by the party; see Gass's entry for December 7. (back)
4. The site of Fort Clatsop; see Whitehouse's entry of December 7. (back)