Weather, December 1805
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Weather, December 1805

Day of
the month

State of
the Weather
1st E c. a. r
2nd S W. c. a. r
3rd E f. a r
4th S E r
5th S W r
6th S W. r
7th N E f. a. r
8th N E C a r [2]
9th N E C. r.
10th N E r
11th S W. r
12th S W. r
13th S W. r
14th S W. r.
15th S W. C. a. r.
16th S W r.
17th S W. f a r. & h
18th S E C. a. r. s h.
20th S. W. f. a. r. H.
21st S W. r
22nd S W. r.
23rd S W. r h & L
24th S. W. r.
25th S W. C. r.
26th S W. r. a. t & L
27th S W. r
28th S E r
29th S E c. a r
30th S E. f. a. r
31st S W. r.
[Remarks] [3]
1st rained last night and Some this morning.
2nd rained all the last night and untill meridian    cloudy the re-
mainder of the day
3rd rained all the last night & to day untill meridan and became
fair &c. [4]
4th rained all day
5th rained all last night and today    I return to Capt Clark [5]
6th rained last night and all day to day    wind not violent in the
after part of the day    fair in the eving. [6]
7th rained from 10 to 12 [7] and at 2 P M.    leave Pt. William
8th Cloudy after a moderate rain last night.
9th cloudy and rained moderately untill 3 P M.
10th a violent wind last night 6 to 9 P M.    river fast with rain. rained
all day [8]
11th rained moderately all last night and to day
12th   do         do                     do               do
13th   do         do                     do               do
14th   do         do                     do               do
15th rained all last night and untill 8 A. M to day after which it was
Cloudy all day. [9]
16th rained all the last night.    air Cold wind violent from the S W.
accompanied with rain.— [10]
17th rained all last night and to day untill 9 A M when we had a
Shower of hail for an hour and Cleared off.
18th rained Snowed and hailed at intervales all the last night and to
day untill meridian.
19th rained 〈and hailed〉 last night and Several Showers of Hail and
rain to day.    the air Cool.
20th Some rain and hail last Night    the rain Contd. untill 10 a. m
21st rained last night and to day
22nd   do          do               do
23d rained all last night and moderately to day with Several Show-
ers of Hail accompanied with hard Claps of Thunder and
Sharp Lightning. [11]
24th rained at intervales last night and to day.
25th   do            do               do         do [12]
26th raind with violent wind all last night and to day with Hard
Claps of thunder & Sharp Lightning.
27th rained moderately last night and to day
28th   do          do               do             do
29th   do          do               do             do untill 7 a.m. after
Cloudy the remained of the day    wind hard from the S E. [13]
30th Hard wind & rain last night.    to day tolerably fair.
31st rained last night and moderately all day to day.
1. Lewis's weather table and remarks are in Voorhis No. 4; Clark's are in Codex I. This table follows Lewis. (back)
2. Clark has "C." (back)
3. Lewis's remarks in Voorhis No. 4 are in the margin of his weather table; Clark's are separate. Lewis's remarks are followed here, with significant differences in Clark's remarks noted. (back)
4. Clark writes, "fair from 12 to 2 P M. rained all the last night & this morning. rained the night of the 1st and morning of the 2 and Cloudy the remainder of the day. rained at intervales the night of the 2d instant with constant hard and Sometimes violent winds." (back)
5. Clark writes, "rained yesterday, last night, and moderately to day; all day wind violent in the after part of the day. Capt Lewis joined me from below." Some of the punctuation may be a later addition. (back)
6. Clark writes, "rained all last night and to day untill 6 oClock at which time it Clear'd away and became far. the winds also Seased to blow violent." (back)
7. From here Clark has, "last night fair day leave Point William a hard wind from the N W. and a Shower of rain at 2 P M." (back)
8. Clark says, "rained all day and the air cool I return from the Ocean a violent wind last night from the S W. rained the greater part of the night of the 8th and all day the 9th int." (back)
9. Clark says, "rained a[t] Short intervales from the 10th instant untill 8 A. M. to day I with 16 men Set out after meat." (back)
10. Clark adds, "return with 16 Elk." (back)
11. Clark adds, "rained 21 & 22 all day & night." (back)
12. Clark repeats the words from the previous day and has also "〈in our Huts〉." (back)
13. Clark writes, "rained moderately without much intermittion from the 26th untill 7 a m. this morning hard wind from the S. E." (back)