September 11, 1806
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September 11, 1806


a heavy Cloud and wind from the N W. detained us untill after Sunrise at which time we Set out and proceeded on very well, passed the nemahar [1] which was low and did not appear as wide as when we passed up. Wolf river [2] Scercely runs at all, at 3 P. M we halted a little above the Nadawa river [3] on the S. Side of the Missouri to kill Some meat that which we killed a fiew days past being all Spoiled. Sent out 6 hunters they killed and brought in two Deer only, we proceeded on a fiew miles below the Nadawa Island and encamped on a Small Isld. near the N. E. Side, [4] haveing Came 40 Miles only to day, river rapid and in maney places Crouded with Snag's. I observe on the Shores much deer Sign—    the [mosquitoes?] are no longer troublesome on the river, from what cause they are noumerous above and not So on this part of the river I cannot account. Wolves were howling in different directions this evening after we had encamped, and the barking of the little prarie wolves resembled those of our Common Small Dogs that ¾ of the party believed them to be the dogs of Some boat assending which was yet below us.    the barking of those little wolves I have frequently taken notice of on this as also the other Side of the Rocky mountains, and their Bark so much resembles or Sounds to me like our Common Small Cur dogs that I have frequently mistaken them for that Speces of dog—    The papaws nearly ripe—.


Thursday 11th Sept 1806. A Showery morning.    we Set out and procd. on verry well untill about 11 A. M.    we then halted to hunt a Short time.    found pappaws [5] and grapes in this bottom which is covred with cotten Honey Locus Seckamore timber &C.    the rushes thick. Drewyer killed a large deer.    we then procd. on.    one of the hunters killed a deer from his canoe.    at dusk we Camped on a Sand beach on the N. Side.—


Thursday 11th.    We set out early; and had a cloudy morning, and slight showers of rain during the forenoon. At two in the afternoon we stopped to hunt, and soon killed two deer and a turkey: then proceeded on and at sunset encamped on an island.

1. The Big Nemaha River, which the party reached on July 11, 1804, joines the Missouri in Richardson County, Nebraska. MRC map 19. (back)
2. Wolf Creek in Doniphan County, Kansas, first passed on July 9, 1804. MRM map 51. (back)
3. The party first reached the Nodaway River on July 8, 1804; the mouth, which may have shifted since Lewis and Clark's time, now lies between Holt and Andrew counties, Missouri. On this occasion the party apparently halted on the Doniphan County side of the Missouri. MRC map 18. (back)
4. Nodaway Island was first noted on July 8, 1804; the camp would probably be in either Andrew or Buchanan County, Missouri, most likely the former. MRC map 18. (back)
5. Pawpaw, Asimina triloba (L.) Dun. (back)