September 26, 1806
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September 26, 1806


a fine morning    we commenced wrighting &c. [2]

1. This is the last daily entry in Codex N and the last of the captains' daily journal entries for the expedition. Only a small portion of this page (p. 78) is taken up with text for September 25 and 26, the remainder is blank. The remainder of Codex N consists of blank pages (pp. 79–80, 86–121, 143), maps and notes on Bon Homme Island (pp. 81–85), and a number of miscellaneous notes (pp. 122–54, reading backwards), including Clark's weather diary for September 1806, Clark's summary of Lewis's journey from Travelers' Rest to the Great Falls of the Missouri, a map of that route, and several other items that are printed in Postexpeditionary Miscellany. (back)
2. The nature of this "wrighting" is not clear. Some of the letters they had begun a few days earlier may not yet have been finished; see September 24, 1806. It is likely that they were writing other letters in the next few days; see Lewis to an Unknown Correspondent, September 29, 1806. Jackson (LLC), 1:335–43. It is possible that Clark still had some of his journals to complete, although there are objections to this supposition. See the Introduction to the Journals. (back)