Weather, September 1806
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Aug 30, 1803 Sep 30, 1806

Weather, September 1806

Date of
State of
the weather
at Sun rise
Course of
the wind at
Sun rise
State of
the weather
at 4 oClock
Course of
wind at
4 P. M
1st fog S. E. f. a. r. S. E.
2nd f. S E f. S E
3rd f. S W f. S W
4th f. a. r. T & L S. E f. S E
5th f S E c S W
6th c. S E f. S E
7th f S E f. S. E.
8th f. S E f. S E
9th f. S E f. S E
10th f. S E f. S E
11th C. a. r. S E f. a. r. S E
12th f. S E c a r S E
13th f. S E f. S E
14th f. S E c. S E
15th f. S E f. S E
16th f. S E f. S E
17th f. S E f. S E.
18th f. S E c. S. E
19th f. S E f. S E
20th f. N. E f. S E
21st C. a. r. S. E. c. S E
22 r. a. T. L & r. S C. a. r S
23 c. & r. N E c. a. r N E
24 r c. a. r
25th c. N E. f.
26th f. S E f. S. E
27th f. N E f S E
28th f. S E f S E
29th f S f S E
30th f S E f E
[Remarks] [2]
1st a thick fog untill 8 A. M.    a fiew drops of rain about 1 P. M.
2nd Hard wind all day.    Saw the prarie fowl common in the Illinois
plains. Saw Linn and Slipery elm
3d a Stiff breeze from S E. untill 12 at night when it changed to
S W. and blew hard all night
4th at 6 P. M a violent Storm of Thunder Lightng and rain untill
10 P. M when it ceased to rain and blew hard from N W untill
3 A. M.
6th heard the whipper will [3] Common to the u states at Soldiers
7th Saw the whiperwill and heard the common hooting owl    Mus-
quetors very troublesom.    killed 3 Elk.
8th warmest day we have experienced in this year.    passed River
11th a fiew drops of rain only a little before day and Some rain
at 2 P M
12th Heavy dew this morning and fog    Some rain from 12 to 4 P M
15th day very worm Smokey and worm
16th this day very Sultry and much the hotest which we have ex-
17th day worm, but fiew musquetors
19th Saw a green Snake [4] as high up as Salt Rivr [5] on the missouri.
the limestone bluffs [6] commence below Salt river on S. Side
21st a Slight Shower of rain a little before day light this morning
22nd at St Charles the raine commencd about 9 P. M and was moder-
ate untill 4 A. M when it increased and rained without intermi-
tion untill 10 A M: Some Thunder and lightning about daylight.
it Continued Cloudy with Small Showers of rain all day.    we
arived at the Mississippi
23rd at St. Louis Several light Showers in the course of this day.    we
arrived at St Louis at 12 oClock.
24th rained moderately this morning and continued Cloudy with
moderate rain at intervales all day
26th fair and worm
27th emencely worm
28th         do
29th         do
30th         do
1. Only Clark has a weather table for September 1806; it appears in Codex N, pp. 151–52 (reading backwards). (back)
2. Clark has remarks in the margin of his weather table; the only separate remarks are for the twenty-second, twenty-third, and twenty-fourth. The marginal remarks for the twenty-second are nearly duplicated in the separate remarks; we give only the latter here. The remarks for the twenty-third and twenty-four are separate only. (back)
3. Whip-poor-will, Caprimulgus vociferus [AOU, 417]. (back)
4. Smooth green snake, Opheodrys vernalis. Benson (HLCE), 89. (back)
5. Petite Saline Creek in Moniteau County, Missouri, previously mentioned on June 6, 1804. (back)
6. Jefferson City limestone from the area of Cole and Moniteau counties. (back)