Volume 7 Preface

It is a pleasure to acknowledge all those persons who have aided in the preparation of this volume. Friendly help came from Robert E. Lange of Portland, Oregon, who was always ready to answer Columbia River queries. Gladys Watkins Allen (Alton, Illinois), Emilie W. Betts (New York City), William P. Sherman (Portland, Oregon), Nelson S. Weller (Piedmont, California), and Lyle S. Woodcock (St. Louis, Missouri), provided financial assistance to the project, as well as personal goodwill. Financial aid also came from the National Endowment for the Humanities, an independent federal agency, and from the Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation, whose many members have continued their support of this endeavor in so many ways.

At repositories of the Lewis and Clark journals we again had the able assistance of Beth Carroll-Horrocks, Martin L. Levitt, Roy E. Goodman, Edward C. Carter II, and Randolph S. Klein, all of the American Philosophical Society, Philadelphia, and Duane R. Sneddeker and Bryan Stephen Thomas of the Missouri Historical Society, St. Louis. Staff, office, and administrative help came from the Center for Great Plains Studies and the project itself at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. We can thank John R. Wunder, Rosalind K. Carr, Lori L. Gourama, and Linda J. Ratcliffe of the Center, and Thomas W. Dunlay and Doris VanSchooten of the project for their valuable work.

The following scholars have been generous with their advice and assistance and have aided the project substantially in the areas of their expertise.

ARCHAEOLOGY: Stephen Dow Beckham, Lewis and Clark College, Portland, Oregon; Rick Minor, Heritage Research Associates, Eugene, Oregon; Theodore Stern, University of Oregon; and Roderick Sprague and Robert Lee Sappington, both of the University of Idaho. BOTANY: Margaret R. Bolick, University of Nebraska–Lincoln; Steven J. Brunsfeld, University of Idaho; A. T. Harrison, Westminster College, Salt Lake City; and Kathleen Young, Lincoln. GEOLOGY: Robert N. Bergantino, Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology, Butte; and John Eliot Allen, Portland State University (emeritus). LINGUISTICS: American Indian linguistic data in the notes were collected by Raymond J. DeMallie, Indiana University, and were provided by the following individuals: Chinookan. Michael Silverstein and Robert E. Moore, both of the University of Chicago. Nez Perce/Shahaptian (Sahaptin). Haruo Aoki, University of California–Berkeley; and Bruce Rigsby, University of Queensland, Australia. Shoshone. David Shaul, Indiana University–Purdue University, Fort Wayne. ZOOLOGY: Patricia Freeman, University of Nebraska–Lincoln (mammals, taxonomy); Murray Johnson, Burke Museum, University of Washington (mammals); James A. Kalisch, Kenneth P. Pruess, and Brett C. Ratcliffe, all of the University of Nebraska–Lincoln (insects); and John D. Lynch, University of Nebraska–Lincoln (fish).

To all these persons we extend our sincere appreciation, but we cannot assign to them any errors that may be found herein.