April 1, 1804
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April 1, 1804


Sunday    a fair morning    Mr: Dr Catlates [1] Boat arrived with provisions, & we Sent down a Cannoo for the Docr. who intended to Come [written over go] by Land, The French Man & his Wife Came on a visit to day, a Draft for Squads, &c. &c.    the [Comosary?] bo[at] Dr. Catlates Boat arrived with provisions, Capt Lewis went to St. Louis with Dr. Catlate on business, a northern Light [2] Seen [commence?] at about 10 oClock, &. frequently Changeing Coler, appearing as [various?] in the atmusfier &.


The Commanding officers did yesterday proceed to take the necessary inlistments and select the Detachment destined for the Expedition through the interior of the Continent of North America; and have accordingly seelected the persons herein after mentioned, as those which are to Constitute their Perminent Detachment. (Viz).

The Commanding officers do also retain in their service untill further orders—: The following Persons, Richard Warvington, Robert Frasure, John Robertson, & John Boyley. [8] [NB: Moses B. Read ] who whilst they remain with the Detachment Shall be incorpereted with the Second, and third Squads of the Same, and are to be treated in all respects as those men who form the Permonant detachment, except with reguard to an advance of Pay, and the distribution of Arms and Accoutrements intended for the expedition.

The following Persons (Viz Charles Floyd, John Ordway, and Nathaniel Pryor are this day appointed Sergeants. with equal Power (unless when otherwise specially ordered). The authority, Pay, and emouliments, attached to the Said rank of Sergeants in the Military Service of the United States, and to hold the Said appointments, and be respected Accordingly, dureing their good behaviour or the Will and pleasure of the sd. Commanding officers.

To insure order among the party, as well as to promote a regular Police in Camp, The Commanding officers, have thought to devide the detachment into three Squads, and to place a Sergeant in Command of each, who are held imediately responsible to the Commanding officers, for the regular and orderly deportment of the individuls Composeing their respective Squads.—

The following individuals after being duly balloted for, have fallen in the Several Squads as hereafter stated, and are Accordingly placed under the derection of the Sergeants whose names preceeds those of his Squad.

The Camp Kittles, and other Public utensels for Cooking Shall be produced this evening after the parade is Dismissed; and an equal division shall take place of the Same, among the non commissioned officers Commanding the Squads. Those non-commissioned officers Shall make an equal Division of the proportion of those utensils between their own messes of their respective Squads,—    each squad shall be devided into two messes, at the head of one of which the Commanding Serjeant Shall Preside.    the Serjeants messes will Consist of four privates only to be admited under his discrission, the ballance of each Squad Shall form the Second mess of each Squad.

Dureing the indisposition of Sergeant Pryor, George Shannon is appointed (protempor) to discharge his the Said Pryor's duty in his Squad—

The party for the Convenience of being more imediately under the eye of the Several Sergeants haveing Charge of them, will make the necessary exchange of their Bunks and rooms for that Purpose as Shall be verbally directed by us.—

Untill otherwise derected, Sergeant John Ordway will Continue to Keep the Rouster and detaile the men of the detachment for the Several duties which it may be necessary, they should perform, as also to transcribed in a book furnished Him for that purpose, those or Such other orders as the Commanding officers Shall think proper to publish from time, to time for the government of the Party—.

Signed [10]
Merrwether Lewis
Wm. Clark

1. Probably Hanson Catlett. See above, January 31, 1804, n. 2. (back)
2. Aurora borealis. (back)
3. The first of the Detachment Orders in the Orderly Book (see Appendix C). The captains selected the men for their "Permanent Detachment," which would go with them to the Pacific, and Corporal Warfington's detachment, which would be sent back with dispatches from some yet undetermined point on the Missouri. Changes were made in these assignments over the next year. It is uncertain what the marks next to the names represent. (back)
4. Peter Wiser (Weiser) is mentioned later in the list. Possibly the name refers to Pierre (Peter) Cruzatte, the French boatman who may have joined at St. Charles in May and who went to the Pacific; his name could have been inserted later. (back)
5. These letters are in the upper right-hand corner of the second page and may have no relevance to this entry. (back)
6. Newman was tried and convicted of "mutinous expression" and expelled from the party. See below, October 13, 1804. (back)
7. Reed deserted and, after apprehension and trial, was expelled from the party. See below, August 18, 1804. (back)
8. These are the persons selected to be the returning party (see Appendix A). Warfington was in charge of that group, but changes were made from this list. Frazure (Frazer) was added to the permanent party, apparently in place of Reed (see below, October 8, 1804). April 1 is the last time Robertson's name appears. When he left the party is uncertain, but he may have been the man of Captain Stoddard's company mentioned by Whitehouse as being sent back on June 12, 1804. Biddle apparently added Reed's name here because Reed, after his expulsion, was sent with the return party. He did not add Newman, who also went back with that party. (back)
9. Someone crossed out the names of Newman and Reed on this list, no doubt after their expulsion from the party. The mark by the name of Richard Worthington (Warfington) may refer to his being a corporal, not a private. (back)
10. Clark evidently signed for Lewis here. (back)