November 6, 1804
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November 6, 1804


6th of Nov.    Mr. Gravolin our Ricara Interpreter & 2 of our french hands & 2 boys Set out in a Canoe for the Ricaras    Mr. ravelli[n] is to accompany the Ricaras Chiefs to the City of Washington in the Spring, [1] Great numbers of Geese pass to the South which is a certain approach of ice—


last night late we wer awoke by the Sergeant of the Guard to See a nothern light, which was light, [NB: light but] not red, and appeared to Darken and Some times nearly obscered [NB: about 20 degrees above horizon—various Shapes], and 〈open〉 [NB: divided], many times appeared in light Streeks, and at other times a great Space light & containing floating Collomns which appeared 〈to〉 opposite each other & retreat leaveing the lighter Space at no time of the Same appearence [2]

This morning I rose a Day light    the Clouds to the North appeared black    at 8 oClock the [wind] begun to blow hard from the N W. and Cold, and Continud all Day    Mr. Jo Gravilin our ricare interpeter Paul premor, Lajuness & 2 french Boys, [3] who Came with us, Set out in a Small perogue, on their return to the ricaree nation & the Illinois, Mr. Gravilin has instructions to take on the recarees in the Spring &c.—    Continue to build the huts, out of Cotton Timber, &c. this being the only timber we have.—


Tuesday 6th Nov.    it was uncommon light in the north the Greater part of last night    a clear morning.    about 9 oC it clouded up    cold    look likely for Snow    at 11 o.C. our french man [4] who came with us from the R. a. Rees as an Intreperter and Several of our french hands Set off to descend the River in a pearogue [one line illegible at bottom of page]

1. Arketarnashar, or Piaheto, the chief Gravelines accompanied, died in Washington in 1806. See above, October 9, 1804. (back)
2. The aurora borealis. See above, April 1, 1804. (back)
3. Paul Primeau and Jean Baptiste La Jeunesse. The two "French boys" were presumably expedition engagés also, but it is not clear whether they are ever listed in the records or whether they are regarded as supernumeraries. (back)
4. Including at least Gravelines, Paul Primeau, and Jean Baptiste La Jeunesse. (back)