November 7, 1804
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November 7, 1804


a termperate day    we continued to building our hut, Cloudy and fogging all day


Wednesday 7th Nov.    a Cloudy morning.    we continued building.    the Capts. Room being hughn down the inside, we layed the loft over with hughn punchien    then Stoped the craks with Some old tarpolin & Grass    Some morter then a thick coat of earth over all, which will make it verry warm.    commenced building the chimneys &.C.

1. There are no entries in the Field Notes after November 6 until November 13. Entries become irregular and generally quite brief from this point; all those from November 19, 1804, to April 3, 1805 (the last dated entry in the Field Notes) are on one sheet, document 64, except for those on document 65 for November 30 and December 1, 1804. Clark's Codex C entries are continuous through this period, except for a hunting trip in February 1805, filled in by Lewis. It appears that Clark kept Codex C as his only journal during the Fort Mandan winter, except for scattered Field Notes entries. See the Introduction. (back)