Weather, August 1805
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Weather, August 1805

Day of
State of
the Ther-
at ☉ rise

☉ rise

☉ rise
State of
the Ther-
at 4 P.M.

4 P.M.

4 P.M.
State of the River
raised             Inches
or                     and
fallen    Feet    parts
1st 54 a f S W 91 a f S. W. f                      ½
2nd 48 a f N. W. 81 a f N. W. f                      ½
3rd 50 a f N. E. 86 a f N. E. f                      ½
4th 48 a f S 92 a f S f                      ½
5th 49 a f S. E. 79 a f S E f                      ¼
6th 52 a f S. W. 71 a c S W  
7th 54 a c. a. r S. W. 80 a c S. W.  
8th 54 a f. a. r S W. 82 a c a f S W  
9th 58 a f N. E. 78 a c S. W.  
10th 60 a C. a. r. f
& L
S W 68 a T L & r S W  
11th 58 a c. a. r. & h N E 70 a f S W.  
12th 58 a f a r & h W. 72 a f. a. r
a h
N W  
13th 52 a c. a. f. N. W. 70 a f a r N W  
14th 51 a f. a. r N W. 76 a f N W  
15th       43 a [2] f S E 74 a f S W  
16th 48 a f S W. 70 a f S W.  
17th 42 a f N. E. 76 a f S W  
18th 45 a C S. W. 78 a r S W.  
19th 30 a f. a. r S W 71 a f. a. r S W  
20th 32 a      f. a. r. [3] S W. 74 a f S W.  
21st 19 a f S E 78 a f E  
22nd 22 a f E. 70 a f. E.  
23rd 35 a f E. 72 a f S E  
24th 40 a f S. E. 76 a f. a. r S E  
25th 32 a f a r S. E 65 a C S E  
26th 31 a f S. E. 45 a f S. E  
27th 32 a f S E 56 a f S E  
28th 35 a f S W. 66 a f S W.  
29th 32 a f S W. 68 a f S W  
30th 34 a C N E 59 a C N E  
31st 38 a C. a. r N E 58 a c a r & h N. E.  
[Remarks] [4]
[August] 1st Left the party and proceeded on a head
  6th Rejoin the party at 11 A M
  7th Thunder shower last evening from the N W. [5] The river
which we are now ascending is so inconsiderable and the
curant So much on a Stand that I relinguished paying
further attention to it's State.
  8th a thunder Shower last evening.
  9th Encamped below the Forks Jeffersons River    Set out on
a party of discovery
  10th rain Commenced at 6 P. M and continued Showery
through out the night. Musqueters bad.
  11th heavy Dew last evening    killed a long tailed grouse.
  12th Saw a Snake Indian in Snake Indian Cove at 1 OC. P.M. [6]
  13th very cold last night.    passed the dividing ridge to the
waters of Columbia river
  14th met with the Snake Indians, visit their camp [7]
  15th remarkably cold this morning
  16th Capt Lewis Join with the Snake Indians at the forks [8]
  18th Capt. Clark sets out with the Indians and 11 men
  19th ice on Standing water ⅛ of an inch thick.
  20th hard frost last night. [9]
  21st ice ½ an inch thick on standing water. [10] Most astonish-
ing difference between the hight of the Murcury at ☉
rise and at 4 P. M. today    there was 59° and this in the
Space of 8 hours, yet we experience this wonderfull
transicion without feeling it near so Sensibly as I should
have expected.
  22nd Snow yet appears on the summits of the mountains.
the Indians arrive at 12 OC
  23rd white frost this morning
  24th Set out with the Indians and pack horses for the Colum-
bia river
  25th white frost this morning [11]
  26th hard white frost and some ice on standing water this
morning    arrived with baggage and party on the Co-
lumbia river at 5 P. M.
  27th hard frost white this morning. [12]
  29th Capt. Clalark joins me at the upper Indian village [13]
  30th Set out with the party by land at 2 P. M. [14]
1. Lewis has weather data for this month in Codex Fe and Codex P; Clark's is in Codex I. This table follows Codex Fe. (back)
2. Clark has "52 a." (back)
3. Clark has only "f." (back)
4. Lewis (Codices Fe and P) and Clark (Codex I) both have extensive marginal remarks for this month, many of which do not refer to the weather, but to the movements of the two captains and their respective parties. Some of the remarks in Lewis's journals appear to be in Clark's handwriting. Clark's substantive differences with Lewis's remarks are noted. (back)
5. The remainder of his entry is from a separate remark in Codices Fe and P. (back)
6. This actually occurred on August 11, as Clark notes in his weather remarks in Codex I. Even there a line points the remark to August 12. (back)
7. Clark in Codex I says, "Capt Lewis arrived at the Snake Indian camp on C[olumbia]." A line points the remark of August 13 to August 14. (back)
8. Clark's remark in Codex I. (back)
9. Clark adds, "I arrive at the Snake Indian village on the waters of Columbia River." (back)
10. The remainder of this entry is from a separate remark in Codices Fe and P. (back)
11. Clark writes, "I proceeded down the river 70 miles & Set out on my return." (back)
12. Clark says simply, "on the Columbian waters." (back)
13. Clark's version is, "I rejoin the party at the Snake Indian village & purchase horses." (back)
14. Clark has, "Set out with the party from Snake Indian village." (back)