September 8, 1806
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September 8, 1806


Set out very early this morning, passed on old tradeing house [1] on the S W Side a few miles above the Council bluffs, at 11 A M we Came too at the bluffs [2] and Capt Lewis and myself walked up on the bluffs and around to examine the Country and Situation more particularly, the Situation appeared to us eaqually as eligable as when we passed up for an establishment, the hill high and Commanding with a high rich bottom of great extend below.    we proceeded on very well    all being anxious to get to the River Platt to day they ply'd their orers very well, and we arived at our old encampment at White Catfish Camp [3] 12 miles above the river platt at which place we lay from the 22th to the 26th of July 1804    here we encamped haveing made 78 Miles to day. The Missouri at this place does not appear to Contain 〈as much〉 more water than it did 1000 Miles above this, the evaperation must be emence; in the last 1000 miles this river receives the water 20 rivers and maney Creeks    Several of the Rivers large and the Size of this river or the quantity of water does not appear to increase any—


Monday 8th Sept. 1806.    a fair morning.    we Set out eairly and procd. on verry well    Gibson killed a deer from his canoe.    the logs & Sawyers are pleanty in this part of the Missourie    we having made 58 [4] miles this day    Camped 12 miles above R. Platte


Monday 8th.    We again had a plesant morning; and proceeded on early; at 10 o'clock we passed council bluffs where we held the first council with the Ottos on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd of August 1804, and in the evening encamped on a small island, having gone on very well during the day.

1. The post first passed on August 4, 1804, south of Blair, Washington County, Nebraska, probably established by James Mackay in 1795; see January 10, 1804. Atlas map 14; MRC map 24. (back)
2. The Council Bluff near Fort Calhoun, Washington County, where they camped from July 30 to August 3, 1804, and counciled with the Otos and Missouris. Atlas map 13; MRC map 24. (back)
3. The party camped here July 2227, 1804, near the Mills-Pottawattamie county line, in Iowa. They have now left the area of the large-scale Atlas maps. MRC map 23. (back)
4. Clark says seventy-eight. (back)