Winter 1805-1806
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Part 1: Estimated Distances from Fort Mandan to the Pacific Coast

Winter 1805-1806

Clark prepared this extensive list of estimated distances for the route from Fort Mandan to the Pacific Coast as an apparent supplement to his route maps. This document is found in Codex I, pp. 2–12, apparently wholly in Clark's hand. Two other versions of this table exist. One is in the little field book with Clark's draft of his trip to the coast, January 6–10, 1806, and the other is in Voorhis No. 4. The one in the draft notebook is labeled, "Distances of the Mouthes of Rivers Creeks and the Most remarkable places from Fort Mandan & Lattiduds in 1805." It does not have the remarks that are found in the final column of the Codex I and Voorhis versions. The title for the Voorhis table is quite similar to the codex piece, with only some spelling differences and minor word changes. The tables in the draft and Voorhis notebooks have been compared to the one printed below. From the start the mileage figures from point-to-point and the accumulated mileage are in disagreement. The draft version appears at first to have been just that for Codex I, but later it digresses while the codex and Voorhis items more regularly agree with one another, eventually the draft version exceeds the other tables by four miles in the accumulated mileage column and remains so to the end. The codex and Voorhis notebooks vary by up to nine miles in early entries. There are few dissimilarities for the latitudes between the three versions, while the column of remarks in the codex and Voorhis documents differ only slightly in wording. Another partial version of a similar table exists in microform and photostatic copies at the University of Virginia, Charlottesville, and the National Archives, Washington, D.C. (see Appendix C). That table lists geographic points from the mouth of the Missouri River to the Great Falls of the Missouri, together with mileage figures and occasional latitude readings. Here again there are discrepancies with other tables but mainly in terms of minor mileage differences. All of this material was eventually gathered with similar tables from Codex C and other documents (see Chapter 10) including information from the return journey and made into one comprehensive table for the entire trip and placed in Codex N and Voorhis No. 4. That table will appear in volume 8 of this edition. Clark had, of course, kept all these distances and other data carefully in his journals, and at Fort Clatsop he apparently brought them together in several versions. Unlike the record of streams and distances prepared at Fort Mandan (see Chapter 10), this compendium covers territory almost entirely unexplored previously by whites, which made it all the more significant. It also includes the names of the Indian tribes the party encountered and some explanations of names they bestowed on streams. The Indians are covered more fully in the next part of this chapter.


Estimated Distances in Miles Ascending the Missouri, Crossing the Rockey Mountains & decending the Kooskooskee, Louises River and the Columbia River of the remarkable places and Latitud partially anexed.

Names of remarkable places
from one
place to
to the
mouth of

Latitude &
remarks &c.
From Fort Mandan   1600   47° 21 47" N.
To Knife River on the Lard.
side 100 yds. wide

Mi-ne-ta-reis live
To an Island near the Std.   11 1617   small
To a Menatarras Wintering
Village S
13 ½

1640 ½
To Miry River on the Std.     2 ¼ 1642 ¾   bold
To an Island in the little

1670 ¾
To the mo. of Little Missouri
Lard. 134

1699 ¾
47° 31' 26.2" N.
To Wild Onion Creek Std. 16   12 ½ 1712 ¾   a little water
To Goose eggs Lake run Std.     9 ¼ 1722   Small
To Shabonoes Creek Lard.

47° 47' 168/10" N.
To the Goat pen Creek Std.

  〈47 42 16 8/10〉 North near
Mouse river
To Hall's Strand Lake
& Creek Std.

extream N. point
To White earth River Std. 60   46 1839   Still & deep
Rojhone or Yellow Stone
River Ld. 858

48° 00' 00" N.
To Marthys River Std. 50   57 1944   High coloured
To Porcupine River Std. 112   53 1997   Som timber on it
To 2000 mile Creek Lard. 30     3 2000   no water at prst.
To Indian Fort Creek Ld.

a fort of logs
To Little dry Creek Ld. 25   27 2037   no water in it
To Lackwater Creek Std. Ld.
  1 ½

2038 ½
  do    do    do
To Big Dry Creek Ld. 100     7 ½ 2046   do    do    do
To Little Dry River Ld. 200     5 2051   do    do    do
To the Gulph in bend to the

47° 36' 11"
To Milk River on the Std.

Color of tea
To Big Dry Run dry Ld. 400   25 2119   no water runing
to Warners run or Creek Std.     9 2128   47° 25' 33 1/10"
to Pine Creek    Std. 20   33 2161   Saw 1st pine
to Gibsons Creek    Std. 35   16 2177   a little running water
to Brown Bear defeated
Ld. 40

do    do    do
to Brattins River Std. 100   24 2213   47° 13' 51" N.
to Burnt lodge Creek Ld. 50     6 2219   no water running
to Wisers Creek    Std. 40   14 2233   a little running W.
to Blowing fly Creek Lard.

do    do    do
to Muscle Shell River Ld.

47° 0 24 6/10" N.
to Grouse Creek    Std.   30 2300   no running water
to Tea pot Creek Std. 15     8 2308   do    do    do
to North Mountain C: Std.

running water
to South Mountain Creek
Ld. 30

do    do
to Ibex Island   15 2369   Killed a big horn
to Goodrich's Island     9 2378    
to Windsers Creek Std. 30     7 2385   Some water runs
to Sofshell turtle Creek Std

do    do    do
to Elk rapid     9 2400   Doe Elk & faun Swam
to Thompsons Creek Std. 28 27 ½ 2427 ½ { vally above Mts.
bold stream
to Bull Creek Ld. 25   8 ½ 2436 { a Buffalow crossed
a canoe & tho' C
to Big horn River Ld. 100     3 2439   Killed 3 big horns
to Vally Creek Std. 20     1 2440   thro a Vally N.
to Ash rapid     3 2443   Some ash trees
to the Slaughter River
Lad. 40
11 2454 { a great no. of buffalow
drove down a Clift and
dashed to picies on
Std.    I speared a wolf
to Stone wall Creek Std. 30 26 2480 { Curious appearance of
walls below
to Marias River Std. 186   41 2521   47° 25' 17 3/10 N.
to Snow River Ld. 50   19 2540   Mtn Covd. with Snow
head of this river
to Shields River    Ld. 35 [2]   28 2568   bold Stream
to the foot of the great }   7 2575 47° 8' 4 9/10" N
rapids at a the great
portage Lard. sd.
to Portage River Lard. Side

rapid & Sholey
to the first great fall of 87
feet pitch

Continual Spray
to the Second fall of 19 feet
  3 ½
☞ 1718 poles
to the Grand Cascade of 47
feet 8 In pitch
102 poles
to the upper fall of 26.5 }   2 ¾ 2590 ½ 881 poles
pitch    total fall above
portg.    about 362 feet
to Medicine River Std. 137     3 ¾ 2594 ¼   1196 poles
to the head of the Portage }   3 2586 ¼ 972 poles
47° 3' 33" N.
on the Ld. at the white Bear
Islands, the land portage
18 miles thro: a plain
to Smith's River Lard. 80   30 ¾ 2628   bold current & Vally
to the Rockey Mountains at
Pine Island rapid
40 ¼

2668 ¼
46° 42' 14 7/10"
to Dearbourne's River Std. 80     8 ¾ 2676   bold current & in Mtn.
to Gun brook Ld. 10     2 2678   found a fusee
to Ordways' Creek Std. 25   10 2688   bold current Vly
to the Great gate of the rock } 24 2712 W. Clark across Sd. mtn.
Mounts.    river confined in
a narrow channel between
Clifts of 1200 feet high
to Pott's Vally Creek Std. bold   6 2718 { [illegible, erased]
Wide vally N.
to Pryors Vally River
Std. 28 yds
20 2738 { Ltd 46° 10' 32 9/10" N bold
Current and wide extence
Vally saw a smoke N W
to White Earth Creek Std. [3]

bold 15
to White House Creek Lad

Some timber on it 15
to Yorks 8 Islands   23 2802   W C on land    York tired
to Gasses Vally Creek Std. 25   14 2816   bold & 3 forks &
to the Little Gate of the

we saw a horse
to Howards Creek Lard. bold   6 2827 { mistook the Spring of the
Creaf for the [illegible]
to the three forks of Missouri } 21 2848 W. C. return to the party
verrry sick
45° 22' 34" N
at Jefferson, Madderson &
Gallitins rivers.    Gallintins
on Ld. and 70 yds wide Mad-
dison 90 yds wide & Jeffer-
sons 90 yds wide and is the
Std. fork
Up Jeffersons River
to Philosophy River on Ld.
Side 30



bold rapid
to the Narrows of the 3d

M. L. go a head
to Frazures Creek & rapid
Ld. bold

bad rapid
to R. Field's Vally Creek Sd.

R. F. killed 4 deer
to Wisdom River Std. Side 40   55 2947   45° 2' 21 6/10" N
to Philanthrophy River Ld.

river crooked
to Beaverhead Clifts Stad.

do.    do.
to McNeals Creak Ld. bold  

bold Stream 17
to the 4th Gap of the
28 3058 { Saw Several rattle
to Willards Creek Std. bold   6 3064 { Willard discovered this the
day before we got to it
to a rapid at the narrows of } 21 3085 { a bad rapid for half a mile
5th Mtn.
to the East fork of Jeffersons } 11 3096 44° 35' 28 1/10"
river at which place left the
Canoes and Commened a
to the 3 forks in Snake In-
dian vally

W C. Camp with Inds.
to the head Spring of Jeffer- } 13 3124 meet an Ind. on a Mule
sons river in a Dividing ridge
of the rock M
to the snake Indian or So-so- } 10 3134 44° 23' 22 7/10"
nee Nation on the East fork
of Louieses River one of the
Easterly forks of the great
Columbia river from S. E. &
35 yds.
to the main fork of Louises
Ld 90

from the South
to Salmon Creek Std. Side

Shields killed a fish
to tower run Std. Small   14 3175   leave Lowis's river
up tower run to the forks of
the road

road leave the river
Across the hills.    To fish
} 20 3199 hilly road
Creek six miles north of its
mouth. 25
to the forks of the road &
  7 ½

3206 ½
cross the C. often
to the Top of a Snow Moun- } 21 ½ 3228 pilot lost to the right
tain at the head of the Creek
to Clark's River [4] at a village } 12 3240 river from right
of 33 tents of Flathead
Down Clarks' River
to flour Camp Creek Ld.

over a mountn.
to Horse Vally Creek [5] in
Horse Vally

bold Stream Sd.
to Scattered Creek    do.    Sd.   22 3295   46° 41' 38.9"
to Travellers rest Creek Ld.

46° 48' 28 8/10"
Commencement of high hills up Travellers rest creek [6]
to the forks of the road and
Creek Sd.

road to our right
to the Hot Springs on the

nearly boiling
to the Glades on the
Divinding Mtn.

to the forks of Glade Creek     6 3357   crossed to S E. side
to Koos-koos-ke river mo:
Glade C

Killed a coalt
to the foot of the Great

open pine Countrey
Across the Great Rocky Mountains [7]
to the top of a mountain Cov- }   8 Snow high rugid
ered with Snow the 15th of
Septr.    the forks of the road
from our right
to a branch running to the
right on M
13 { do    do    do
Eat a Coalt
to a branch running to the
left on M.
10 { do    do    do
Eat a Coalt
to Hungry Creek on the left
on M
32 { do    do    do
Killed a Horse
to the forks of Collinses
Creek    large
do    do
to the foot of the Mountain

open pine Country
to the Cho pun-nish (Flathead )
Seatd. in a prarie
to Koos-kooske River at the } 17 about 120 yds wide
mouth of village Creek from
the right
to Rock dam Creek Stard. 20
damed by rocks
to Cho-pun-nish River from } 5 3500 46° 34' 56 2/10" N.
the N. E. (at Canoe Camp)
to Canister run Ld. (passd.
16 rapids)
passed 16 rapids
to Colters Creek Std. (psd. 14
rapids) 20
passed 14 rapids
to Lowises river at the mouth } 23 3560 46° 29' 21 7/10" N.
of the Kooskooske river
to the Swet house Village on

Passed 1 rapid
to the Pilots Village on the

passed 4 rapids
to a village of Mat Lodges

   "    3    "
to Ki-moo-ê-nim Creek Ld. 20   35 3626     "    8    "
to Drewyers River on the Std }   5 3631   "    1    "
Side below the narrows of
2 ½    30
to the Cave rapid, a Canoe } 28 3659   "    5    "
Sunk at this rapid
to the bason rapid (bad)   34 3693     "    8    "
to the Discharge [8] rapid (bad)   14 3707      "    4    "
to the Columbia at the mouth
of Lewis's River (on its Lard

    "    1    "
46° 15' 13.9"
to a Village of 9 Mat Lodges }   9 3723 above a bad rapd.
of the So-kulk nation on the
4th Island
to 2 Lodges at the foot of a
bad rapid

a rapid
to Wal-ler wal ler river S. S. 40 }   4 3730 hills about 200 feet
yds [9]    river enters range of
high land
to Yel-lep-pets Village of 16 }   4 3734 passed 1 rapid
mat Lodges of the 〈Sokulk
nation Sd.
to the lower of 17 Lodges on } 15 3749    "    1    "
three Islands opposit the hat
rock Ld.
to the Muscle Shell rapids

Low Cty. comns. Ld.
to the upper Lodges of the }   3 3758
fritened band of Pish quit
pahs [10] nation on the { low Country on
Std. Side    Comencement of both Sides of R
the low countrey on either
to Pelican rapid at the lower } 19 3777
of 48 Lodges of the fritened { low Countrey on both
band scattered on the Std. Sides of R
to the Commencement of the } 18 3795 passed 2 rapids
high lands on the Std. Side at
the lowest of 21 Lodges of
Wah-how pums [11] nation on 4
Islands (horse scerfised to the
to the Commencement of the } 16 3811    "    1    "
high land on the Lard Side at
a rapid
to a rapid at 8 Lodges of the }   9 3820    "    1    "
Sd. side of the Wah how
pums [12] nations—
to the Short rapid     6 3826      "    1    "
to 9 Mat Lodges at the rockey

   "    1    "
to River la page on the Lard }   9 3842    "    2    "
Side at a bad rapid 40 yds.
to the lower of 16 mat }   4 3846 Campd. 1    "
Lodges of the E-nee-sher
Nation on Std.
to 11 Lodges of the E-nee- }   6 3852    "    2    "
sher Nation at fish Stacked
to the Towahnahiooks [13] }   8 3860 we all viewed it
above its mouth
River from the Lard Side
180 yd
to the Falls of the Columbia }   4 3864 45° 42' 57 3/10"
of 37 feet 8 ins near which is
40 Mat Lodges of the E-Nee-
sher Nation
to the Short Narrows of 45
yds. wide
   "    1    "
to the E che lute Town of 21 }   4 3870 45    I    "
large wood houses at the
long narrows of from 50 to
100 yds wide
to a Chil luck it te quaw town } 14 3884 bought Dogs
of 8 houses on the Stard.
to the friendly village of 7 }   6 3890 resd. of Chiefs
wood houses of the Chilluck
it le quaw N.
to the mouth of Cataract }   4 3894    
River on the Std. Side of { 10 Nations live up this
60 yds wide at 11 houses river.    no fish
of the Chilluckittequaw
to River Labeach on the Ld. } 13 3907    
40 yds. at a village of 26
houses scattered on each side { the first houses we have
of the river of the Smack shop seen on the south side
Nation [14]
to Canoe Creek on the Std.

Saw Several Canoes
to 3 houses of Smack shop
Ntn. Std.

to Cruzatt's River Std. 60 yds. 12 3929 { Stumps out from shore
some diste.
to the Great Rapids near a }   6 3935 45° 44' 3 8/10"
Village of 8 large wod houses
on the Stard. Side above of
the Sha ha lah Nation
to a village below the great }   1 3936 not inhabited.
rapids of 4 houses aban-
daned opsd. a 2d bad rapid
to 4 houses of the Sha ha lah }   6 3942 do.    do
Nation at the lower rapids of
the Columbia river at tide
Tide water
to a village of 9 Houses of }   5 3947    
the Sha ha lah Nation on the { a man with a brass barrel
Stard Side near the beaten gun
rock 800 feet hi          
to the Pho ca rock in midl.
Rivr. 100 foot high

Saw Seal's
to the Commencement of the }   6 3964 rich & estincive
Columbian vally wide &
to the Quick Sand River on }   3 3967 { shallow & Spread over a
the Lard Side of 120 yds wide base
to the Enterance of Seal }   3 3970 emince No. of brant
River 80 yds opsd. upper pt.
of white brant Isld. [15]
to Ne-cha-co-kee village op- }   4 3974 hunted a Pond at N.
posit the Dimond island on
the S. Side—
to White goose Isld. opsd.
Lowr. pt.

I tho: white gees
to a Village of 25 houses of }   6 3986 grass houses &c.
the Shah-ha-la Nation on the
Lard Side
to the head of image Canoe


{ met 2 Canoes on which
was images
to the enterance of Moltno } 10 4000 Inds. Stold Tomhk.
mah [16] river from the S. E. 500
yards wide
to the Mult-no-mah Nation }   6 4006 { Campd. opst. a No. of
and Village of [paper torn] at noisey fowls
narrow part of the Columbia    
to the Quath-á-poh the }   8 4014 Inds. vist. us in 7 Canos
Grand Village on the North
to Cah-wah-na-ki-ooks river }   1 4015
of 200 yds wide from the
N. East
to the lower point of Wap pa }   1 4016 a Chanl. ¼ me. wide
to Island near the Lard. Side
to the Mouth of Cath-la-haws
[17] Creek Std

I thought was a Id.
to the lower point of E-lar- }   6 4031 { Indian names
lar or Deer Island near the I saw 16 snakes
Lard. [18]    
to the Enterance of Cow-e-lis- } 13 4044 Campd.    I killd. phest.
kee River on the Stard Side
150 yards wide about the
mouth and up this river the
Skil-lute Nation reside rong
Inds. acct. [account?]
to Fannys Isld. & bottom on

bottom on the Ld.
to the Sea Otter Island   12 4072   foggy
to the upper village of the }   6 4078 Petticoat women at this vil-
lage landed for no.
War-ki â cum Nation on Std.
to the lower village of the
Warki-â-cum nation of 7
houses under a high hill on
the Stard Side

bought a Dog
to the Shallow Bay (or nitch)
on Std. Side

5 miles deep
to Point Distress on the
Stard. Side

lay 6 days
to Station Camp near an old }   2 4121 lay 10 days
Chinnook village of 36
houses in a Std. bottom
to Cape Disapointmint at the } 11 4132 46° 19' 11 1"
Enterance of the Columbia
river into the Great Pacific
Ocian in Latd. 46° 19'
11 1/10" N. and Longitude
124° 57' 0" W.
On the Sea Coast to the N N W
From Cape Disapointment to
the Comencement of a Sandy
Coast & low land

W. C. Saw the Coast much
Point Lewis N. of the Chin- } 15
nook Villages is about
to the Chiltz Nation about [19]     6     Indian account
to the Que-ne-elt Nation about } 15                         "
Cape Shalwater & about [20]
to the Chil-tar-ett Nation near } 19 "
Grays Bay comencing about
Note.    50 miles of the above from the information of Indians.
From the War-ki a cum upper Village on the South Side of the Grand Columbia
to Point Adams [X: Roand] &c.    South Side
To the upper War-ki-a-cum
Village is [21]
behind Islds.
to Point Samuel g— [22] Lard

high land
to the Cath-lâh-mâh Town of }   8 4092 on high land
9 houses South of the Seal
to Point William opsd. the
Shallow B.

Curious pt. [23]
to Point Meriwether above
Meriwethers Bay

3 rivers mouth
to Fort Clâtsop on the west }   7 4118
side of and 3 miles up the
Netul river from Meriwether
to the Clât sop Village on

large wood houses
to Point Adams at the enter-
ance of the Columbia into the



low land
On the Sea coaste to the S. S. E from point Adams [24]
to Ne er cawan a ca Creek &
3 houses
to the enterance of Clât-sop }   9 3 old towns
river at 3 houses remains of
an old vilg.
to the Salt works at the foot }   2 Canoe Vaults
of a mountain near 4 houses
to the most projicted part of }   7 one rock out
the Mountain of Clarks point
of view of 1000 feet above
the leavel of the water
to an old Kil â mox Village     3     no. of rocks out
to the mouth of E-cu-la or }   6 do—    do
whale Creek 35 yds wide, and
4 huts of Kil a mox boiling
whale blubber
to 6 huts of Kil á mox boiling
do—    do
to the Great Kil á mox Town } 20 Inds. net a Sand bar do
at the enterance of Ni-ê-lee
to Kil-her-hurst's Town of Kil }   5 a rock in entrs—
á mox at the Enterance Kil a
mox Bay
to Kil-her-ner's town of Kil a }   2 on the bay
mox on the Bay at the mouth
of a Creek
to Chish ucks town of Kil â }   2 heads near Columbia
mox at the Enterance of Kila-
mox river which is about
100 yds
to Tow-er-quot tons Creek &
to Chuck tins Town and Creek
at the bottom of the Bay
which I call Kilámox Bay) [25]

  2 mile
Miles   70      

Tongue Point,
Oregon, Winter 1805–6, Codex I, p. 11
(American Philosophical Society library,
used with permission.)

note ☞ 30 miles of this coast is from the information of Indians, collected from differint persons. They further inform me that the Kil á mox have two Small villages on the Kil á mox river, it is very rapid without any purpindicular falls, that nation pass across from the head of this little river to the Columbian Vally, which is at no Great Distance from its head at Wap pa to Island and pass down the Chock-âh lil' com or Columbia river with the Wappato they purchase.

notes from the Mouth of Columbia.

To the Wappato Island, Center is S. 20° E 108 miles
To quick Sand river is— S. 32° E 121    "
to the grand rapids is— S. 47° E 128    "
to the Great falls is— S. 65° E 172    "
to the Mouth of Lewis's river East 240    "

From the Mouth of Lewis'es river [26]

to the Mouth of Kooskooske is   N. 52° E 96 miles
to the Mouth of Cho-pun-nish R } East 144 Miles
    at the Canoe Camp is—
to the long Shute or narrows above   N. 28° E. 55 Mile


Lewis and Clark's Name Present Name and Location
Fort Mandan McLean County, North Dakota, probably
under Missouri River
Knife River Knife River, Mercer County, North Dakota
Menatarras [ Hidatsa ] Wintering
McLean County, probably under Garrison
(see entry for April 9, 1805)
Miry River Snake Creek, McLean County
Little Missouri Little Missouri River, Dunn County, North
Wild Onion Creek Deepwater Creek, McLean County
Goose Eggs Lake Run Shell Creek, Mountrail County, North
Shabonoes [Charbonneau's]
Bear Den Creek, Dunn-McKenzie county
line, North Dakota
Goat Pen Creek Little Knife River, Mountrail County
Hall's Strand Lake and Creek Tobacco Creek, Williams County, North
White Earth River Little Muddy River, Williams County
Rojhone or Yellow Stone River Yellowstone River, McKenzie County
Marthys River Big Muddy Creek, Roosevelt County,
Porcupine River Poplar River, Roosevelt County
2000 Mile Creek Red Water Creek (River), McCone County,
Indian Fort Creek Nickwall Creek, McCone County
Little Dry Creek Spring Creek, McCone County
Lackwater Creek Wolf Creek, Roosevelt County
Big Dry Creek Sand Creek, McCone County
Little Dry River Prairie Elk Creek, McCone County
Milk River Milk River, Valley County, Montana
Big Dry Run Big Dry Creek, McCone-Garfield county
line, Montana
Warners [Werner's] Run Duck Creek, Valley County
Pine Creek Seventh Point Coulee, Valley County
Gibsons Creek Sutherland Creek, Valley County
Brown Bear Defeated Creek Snow Creek, Garfield County
Brattins [Bratton's] River Timber Creek, Phillips County, Montana
Burnt Lodge Creek Seven Blackfoot Creek, Garfield County
Wisers [Weiser's] Creek Fourchette Creek, Phillips County
Blowing Fly Creek Squaw Creek, Garfield County
Muscle Shell River Musselshell River, Garfield-Petroleum
county line, Montana
Grouse Creek Beauchamp Creek, Phillips County
Tea Pot Creek CK, or Kannuck, Creek, Phillips County
North Mountain Creek Rock Creek, Phillips County
South Mountain Creek South Mountain, or Armells, Creek, Fer-
gus County
, Montana
Ibex Island Grand Island, Phillips-Fergus county line
Goodrich's Island Dry Island, Fergus County
Windsers [Windsor's] Creek Cow Creek, Blaine County, Montana
Softshell Turtle Creek Bullwhacker Creek, Blaine County
Elk Rapid Bird Rapids, Blaine-Fergus county line
Thompsons Creek Birch Creek, Chouteau-Blaine county line,
Bull Creek Dog Creek, Fergus County
Bighorn River Judith River, Fergus County
Vally Creek Chip Creek, Chouteau County, Montana
Ash Rapid Deadman Rapids, Fergus-Chouteau county
Slaughter River Arrow Creek, Fergus-Chouteau county line
Stonewall Creek Eagle Creek, Chouteau County
Marias River Marias River, Chouteau County
Snow River Shonkin Creek, Chouteau County
Shields River Highwood Creek, Chouteau County
Great Rapids Rapids near Cascade-Chouteau county
line, Montana
Portage River Belt Creek, Cascade-Chouteau county line
First Great Fall Great Falls of the Missouri River, Cascade
Second Fall Crooked Falls, Cascade County
Grand Cascade Rainbow Falls, Cascade County
Upper Fall Black Eagle Falls, Cascade County
Medicine River Sun River, Cascade County
White Bear Islands Above Great Falls, Cascade County
Smith's River Smith River, Cascade County
Pine Island Rapid Half-Breed Rapids, Cascade County
Dearbourne's River Dearborn River, Cascade-Lewis and Clark
county line, Montana
Gun Brook Probably Stickney Creek, Lewis and Clark
(see entry for July 18, 1805)
Ordways' Creek Little Prickly Pear Creek, Lewis and Clark
Great Gate of Rock Mountains Gates of the Rocky Mountains, Lewis and
Clark County
Pott's Vally Creek Towhead Gulch or Spokane Creek, Lewis
and Clark County
(see entry for July 20,
Pryors Vally Creek Spokane Creek, Lewis and Clark County
White Earth Creek Beaver Creek, Broadwater County,
White House [Whitehouse's]
Duck Creek, Broadwater County
Yorks 8 Islands Broadwater County, south of Townsend
(see Atlas map 63)
Gasses Vally Creek Crow Creek, Broadwater County
Little Gate of the Mountain Broadwater County, between Toston and
Lombard (see Atlas map 64)
Howards Creek Sixteenmile Creek, Broadwater-Gallatin
county line, Montana
Three Forks of Missouri Three Forks of the Missouri River, Broad-
-Gallatin county line
     Jeffersons River Jefferson River, Broadwater-Gallatin
county line
     Madderson River Madison River, Gallatin County
     Gallintins River Gallatin River, Gallatin County
Philosophy River Willow Creek, Gallatin County
Frazures [Frazer's] Creek South Boulder Creek, Madison County,
R. Field's Vally Creek Boulder River, Jefferson County, Montana
Wisdom River Big Hole River, Madison County
Philanthrophy River Ruby River, Madison County
Beaver head Clifts Beaverhead Rock, Madison County
McNeals Creek Blacktail Deer Creek, Beaverhead County,
4th Gap of the Mountain Rattlesnake Cliffs, Beaverhead County
Willards Creek Grasshopper Creek, Beaverhead County
Rapid at the Narrows of the
5th Mountain
Vicinity of Clark Canyon, Beaverhead
East Fork of Jeffersons River Red Rock River, Beaverhead County, at
junction with Horse Prairie Creek to form
Beaverhead River
3 forks in Snake Indian vally Junction of Coyote, Bloody Dick, and
Horse Prairie creeks, near Red Butte,
Beaverhead County (marked "W. C.
Camp" on Atlas map 67)
Head of Jeffersons River Head of Trail Creek, Beaverhead County,
near Idaho border
East Fork of Louieses River Lemhi River, Lemhi County, Idaho
Main Fork of Louises River Salmon River, Lemhi County
Salmon Creek Probably Carmen Creek, Lemhi County
(see entry for August 21, 1805)
Tower Run Tower Creek, Lemhi County
Forks of the Road North branch of Tower Creek, Lemhi
(see Atlas map 67)
Fish Creek North Fork Salmon River, Lemhi County
Forks of the Road and Creek West Fork is North Fork Salmon River;
East Fork is one of several creeks running
into North Fork (see entry for September
2, 1805; Atlas maps 67, 68)
Top of a Snow Mountain Lemhi County, Idaho, or Ravalli County,
Montana, vicinity of Saddle Mountain (see
entry for September 3, 1805)
Clark's River East Fork Bitterroot River, Ravalli County
Flour Camp Creek Warm Springs Creek or Laird Creek, Rav-
alli County
, near camp of September 6,
1805 (see Atlas map 68)
Horse Vally Creek Skalkaho Creek, Ravalli County
Scattered Creek Mill, North Spring, and Burnt Fork creeks,
and branches, Ravalli County (see entry
for September 8, 1805; courses of Septem-
ber 9, 1805
; Atlas map 68)
Travellers Rest Creek Lolo Creek, Missoula County, Montana
Forks of the Road and Creek Grave Creek, Missoula County
Hot Springs Lolo Hot Springs, Missoula County (see
entry for September 13, 1805; Atlas
map 69)
Glades on the Dividing
Vicinity of Packer Meadows, Idaho
, Idaho
Forks of Glade Creek Brushy Creek and Pack Creek, joining
Crooked Fork Creek, Idaho County
Koos-koos-ke River at the
mouth of Glade Creek

Lochsa River, Idaho County
Branch running to the right Perhaps Moon Creek, Idaho County (see
entry for September 16, 1805)
Branch running to the left Unnamed stream east of Indian Grave
, Idaho County (see entry for Septem-
ber 17, 1805
Hungry Creek Hungery Creek, Idaho County
Forks of Collinses Creek Lolo and Eldorado creeks, Clearwater-
Idaho county line, Idaho
Foot of the Mountain Weippe Prairie, Clearwater County
Chopun-nish Villages South of Weippe, Clearwater County
Kooskooske River at the mouth
of Village Creek
Clearwater River at mouth of Jim Ford
, Clearwater County
Rock Dam Creek Orofino Creek, Clearwater County
Cho-pun-nish River North Fork Clearwater River, Clearwater
Canister Run Canyon Creek, Nez Perce County, Idaho
Colters Creek Potlatch River, Nez Perce County
Louises River Snake River, at mouth of Clearwater River,
Nez Perce County, Idaho-Asotin County,
Washington border
Swet House Village Mouth of Alpowa Creek, Asotin County
Pilots Village Vicinity of present Wawawai, Whitman
, Washington (see entry for October
11, 1805
; Atlas map 73)
Village of Mat Lodges Below mouth of Almota Creek, Whitman
Ki-moo-ê-nim Creek Tucannon River, Columbia County,
Drewyers [Drouillard's] River Palouse River, Franklin-Whitman county
line, Washington
Cave Rapid Pine Tree Rapids (now under Lake Saca-
), FranklinWalla Walla county line,
Washington (see entry for October 14,
Bason Rapid Fishhook Rapids, FranklinWalla Walla
county line
Discharge Rapid Five-Mile Rapids, FranklinWalla Walla
county line
Columbia at the mouth of
Lewis's River
Columbia River, at the mouth of the Snake
, Franklin, Walla Walla, and Benton
counties, Washington
Village . . . of the So-kulk
Walla WallaBenton county line,
2 lodges at the foot of a bad

Vicinity of Hover, Benton County
Wal-ler Waller River Walla Walla River, Walla Walla County
Yel-lep-pets Village Benton County, opposite mouth of Walla
Walla River
, probably now under Lake
(see Atlas map 75)
Hat Rock Hat Rock, Hat Rock State Park, Umatilla
, Oregon
Muscle Shell Rapids Vicinity of present McNary Dam, Benton
, Washington-Umatilla County,
Oregon border
Upper lodges . . . of Pishquit-
pahs Nation

Vicinity of Plymouth, Benton County
Pelican Rapid Vicinity of Crow Butte State Park, Benton
Wah-howpums nation Klickitat County, Washington; "Wah-how
" may be error for "Pish-quit-pahs"
(see entry for October 20, 1805; Atlas map
Commencement of the high
land . . . at a rapid
Perhaps near Willow Creek, Gilliam
, Oregon (see entry for October 20,
1805; Atlas map 76)
Rapid at 8 Lodges of . . .
Wahhowpums nation
Near mouth of Olive Creek, Klickitat
, Washington (see entry for October
21, 1805
Short Rapid Klickitat County, Washington-Gilliam
, Oregon border, now under Lake
Rocky Rapid Klickitat County, below Rock Creek (see
Atlas map 77)
River la page [ Lepage ] John Day River, Gilliam-Sherman county
line, Oregon
E-nee-sher Nation Klickitat County, above Miller Island;
rapid is now under Lake Celilo (see Atlas
map 77)
Towahnahiooks River Deschutes River, Wasco-Sherman county
line, Oregon
Falls of the Columbia Celilo Falls, Klickitat County, Washington-
Wasco County, Oregon border
Short Narrows The Dalles of the Columbia, Klickitat
, Washington-Wasco County,
Oregon border
Echelute Town . . . at the Long
The Dalles of the Columbia, Klickitat
, Washington-Wasco County,
Oregon border; village in Klickitat County,
Chilluckittequaw Town Klickitat County, opposite the vicinity of
Crates Point (see Atlas map 78)
Friendly Village Klickitat County, above Klickitat River
Cataract River Klickitat River, Klickitat County
Labeach [ Labiche ] Hood River, Hood River County, Oregon
Canoe Creek White Salmon River, Skamania-Klickitat
county line, Washington
Smackshop Nation Skamania County, above Little White
Salmon River
Cruzatt's [ Cruzatte's] River Wind River, Skamania County
Great Rapids Cascades of the Columbia River, Skamania
, Washington-Hood River and
Multnomah counties, Oregon border
Village below the Great Rapids Above North Bonneville, Skamania County
4 houses of the Shahalah
Skamania County, just below Bonneville
Village of 9 houses of Shahalah
Skamania County, below Beacon Rock
State Park
, and perhaps below Woodward
Phoca Rock Phoca Rock, Multnomah County
Quick Sand River Sandy River, Multnomah County
Seal River Washougal River, Skamania County
Ne-cha-co-kee Village Eastern edge of Portland, Multnomah
White Goose Island Government Island, Multnomah County
25 houses of the Shah-ha-la

Portland, Multnomah County
Image Canoe Island Hayden Island, Multnomah County
Moltnomah River Willamette River, Multnomah County
Mult-no-mah Nation Sauvie Island, Multnomah County
Quath-lá h-pohthe Grand
Clark County, Washington, just above
Lewis River
Cah-wah-na-ki-ooks River Lewis River, Clark-Cowlitz county line,
Wappato Island Sauvie Island,
Cathlahaws Village and Creek Kalama River, Cowlitz County
Elallar or Deer Island Deer Island, Columbia County, Oregon
Cow-e-lis-kee River Cowlitz River, Cowlitz County
Fannys Island and Bottom Crims Island and Bradbury Slough, Co-
lumbia County
Sea Otter Island Perhaps Puget Island, Wahkiakum County,
Washington (see entry for November 7,
Upper Village of the War-
Vicinity of Cathlamet, Wahkiakum County
(see Atlas map 81)
Lower Village of the Warki-â-
Vicinity of Skamokawa, Wahkiakum
(see Atlas map 81
Shallow Bay Grays Bay, Wahkiakum County
Point Distress Eastern side of Point Ellice, Pacific County,
Station Camp Southeast of Chinook Point, Pacific County
Cape Disappointment Cape Disappointment, Pacific County
Commencement of a Sandy
Vicinity of Seaview, Pacific County
Point Lewis Vicinity of Leadbetter Point and Cape
, Pacific County
Point Samuel Cathlamet Point, Clatsop County (see entry
for November 26, 1805)
Cath-lâh-mâh Town Clatsop County, behind Karlson Island
Point William Tongue Point, Clatsop County
Point Meriwether above
Meriwethers Bay

Astoria and Youngs Bay, Clatsop County
Fort Clatsop . . . up Netul River Fort Clatsop National Memorial, on Lewis
Clark River, Clatsop County
Clâtsop village Near Point Adams, Clatsop County
Point Adams Point Adams, Clatsop County
Neercawanaca Creek Neacoxic Creek, Clatsop County
Clât-sop River Necanicum River, Clatsop County
Salt Works Seaside, Clatsop County
Clarks Point of View Tillamook Head, Clatsop County
Kil-â-mox Village North of Cannon Beach, Clatsop County
E-cu-la or Whale Creek Ecola Creek, Clatsop County
6 huts of Kilámox Cannon Beach, Clatsop County
Great Kilámox Town at en-
trance of Ni-ê-lee Creek
Perhaps at the mouth of Nehalem River,
Tillamook County, Oregon
Kil-her-hurst's Town . . . at the
entrance of Kilamox Bay

Tillamook Bay, Tillamook County
Kil-her-ner's Town . . . at the
mouth of a Creek
Tillamook Bay, Tillamook County, per-
haps at mouth of Kilchis or Wilson River
Chishucks Town . . . at the en-
trance of Kilamox River
Tillamook Bay, Tillamook County, mouth
of Tillamook River
Tow-er-quottons Creek and

On Tillamook Bay, Tillamook County
Chucktins Town and Creek On Tillamook Bay, Tillamook County
1. Vertically across pp. 2–3 of Codex I, in red ink in Clark's hand are the words, "See Book No. 14 for this part of the river more detale." A red vertical line runs through the two distance columns on pp. 2–3. Book number 14 is Codex N in Biddle's numbering system (see Appendix B and Appendix C). (back)
2. At the top of this page in Codex I (p. 4) in red ink and apparently in Clark's hand, are the following words: "S Book No. 14. Nearest rout and acssess." (back)
3. Clark reverses this item with the next in his draft field book. (back)
4. Called "flathead River" in the field book. In Codex I and Voorhis No. 4, "Clark's" appears to have been added to a blank space. (back)
5. " Labrich [Labiche] Creek" in the field book. In Codex I, "Horse Vally" appears to have been substituted for an erased word. (back)
6. Next to this heading are these words by Clark in red ink: "See Book No. 14 or last Book." (back)
7. Next to this heading are these words by Clark in red ink: "See in the last Book No. 14." The subtotals "56" above, and "97" below, are also written in red. Voorhis No. 4 adds cumulaive mileages for each entry. (back)
8. Called "portage rapid" in the field book. In Codex I the word appears to be a later entry. (back)
9. This line in Codex I appears to have been substituted for some erasures. It does not appear in Voorhis No. 4. (back)
10. This word in Codex I appears to have been added to a blank space. (back)
11. Again perhaps an addition to a blank space in Codex I. (back)
12. Another apparent addition in Codex I. (back)
13. "Clark's River" in the field book. In Codex I and Voorhis No. 4 the word appears to have been substituted for some erasures. See note at October 22, 1805. The number "180" appears to be an addition to a blank space in Codex I. (back)
14. The words appear to have replaced erasures in Codex I. (back)
15. Much of this entry appears to replace erasures in Codex I. (back)
16. Here and in the next entry of Codex I the name appears to replace erasures. (back)
17. In Voorhis No. 4 this entry has it: "To the enterance of Chah wah na hiook river on the Stard Side." The mileage "4025" appears to be crossed out. (back)
18. Following this entry Voorhis No. 4 adds: "To the Narrows of the Mountain and lower part of the Columbia Vally." (back)
19. In Voorhis No. 4 Clark adds the "Cla-mor-to-micks" and " Potoash " tribes. (back)
20. After this entry in Voorhis No. 4 Clark adds: " Qui eet to, Chil lâte hackle, Qui ne chart, and Pailsh " tribes. (back)
21. This entry is missing from Voorhis No. 4. (back)
22. Many of the place-names in this section appear to have been added to blank spaces or substituted for erasures in Codex I. (back)
23. Here on the right margin of p. 11 of Codex I appears a small sketch of Point William, today's Tongue Point, Oregon (fig. 51). (back)
24. Cumulative mileages are given for the following entries in Voorhis No. 4. (back)
25. Following this entry in Voorhis No. 4 there appears some enumeration of Indian tribes as are given in part 2 of this chapter. There are some small differences in numbers. (back)
26. After this section Clark adds the following in the field book. He is apparently estimating courses and distances for the return trip over the Rocky Mountains. See also some similar notes in part 3 of this chapter.
To the foot of the Mountain is   S. 85 E 28 miles
To Travelers rest over monts.   N 80° E. 107 miles
From Travelers rest to the dividing ridge at Snake Indian } S 24 E 175 miles
portage or Lewis's portage from Jeffersons R
From Travelers rest creek to pine Island rapid comesmt } S 85 E 99 miles
[commencement?] of Mtns.